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Our ambition is not only to bring each year interesting sci-fi films. Festival Future Gate wants to create a space where you also learn something new from the world of modern technologies, space explorations or just earthly pleasures.

All parts of the programme are for free. Lectures and talks are only in CZECH LANGUAGE.



T-800, R2D2, Number 5… Every fan of robots loves these notorious tin guys though some of them are homicidal. Czech writer Karel Čapek introduced and made popular the frequently used international word robot. So, are there any Czech-born robotic celebrities to join the hall of fame? Yes! The Robots band of Stanley Robotman Povoda! He formed the group in the 60s and even back then in the early days they knew how to rock it! You can meet the members of this special all-robots band in the foyer of the cinema. This time they are not bringing their instruments with them but you can take a picture with the stars. The installation will be complemented by other original robots built by AlienJedna and Psy.cho´s Nest.

Stanley “Robotman” Povoda
An inventor working in the Czech
Republic, the Slovak Republic and the United States, building robots since the 60s. He constructed his first robot when he was only fifteen. At that time he worked part time at a wastepaper recycling yard where he had found the book RUR by Karel Čapek while at the same time, there was a programme on Czechoslovak TV for children with a robot in it called Robot Emil. He graduated from the prestigious program of Master of Science in Electronic Engineering at the University of New York. At the time when he was filing the application for a business license “the designer of robots” was not on the list of trades in the USA yet, therefore Stanley holds a license stating his trade as “unspecified”with a postscript “builds robots”. For his current work he uses waste that people throw away or take to a collection point. He saves valuable pieces, transforms them and gives them a new form, a new life. He also builds robots for various research institutions – for example the Smithsonian Institution. For this world-renowned organization he built a robot that examines ocean life. His other work includes a robot that was used in Chernobyl. For a long period of time he worked in the Prague art space Trafačka, where an extensive exhibition of his work was on display.


Member of group www.cybernetic.cz; Mediator between matter and energy. An admirer of the past, which is not yet occurred.


Psy.cho´s Nest
Playful craftsman of many faces participate in the creation of decorations for the movie Drsný Spasitel. He is part of the artistic group WizArts and his imagination has no limits, from maquette guns and jewelry to entire buildings or costumes.



Robots´ Job
An exhibition of artworks by leading Czech sci-fi illustrators reveals the beauty of the genre on paper and canvas. The exhibition consists of selected illustrations by Jan Štěpánek, Jonáš Ledecký, Martin Pospíšil a Matyáš Namai.

Jonáš Ledecký
1993, Prague Illustrator, painter,
musician and graphic artist. Founder of the Ice Colours Art Studio which specializes in comics and graphic design. Co-author of the comic book Charles IV – Master of the World. His first selling exhibition ever named the Vivivid Girls took place in 2014 in Prague and it was sold out within two weeks. An extended set was later displayed in the House of Smetana in Litomyšl and the gallery of Andy Hryc in Bratislava.

Martin Pospíšil
1993, Hořovice
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. He has studied packaging design and graphic design at secondary graphic art schools in Prague and Pilsen. Since graduation, he has been working in field of design and advertising. He joined the Ice Colors Art Studio team in summer 2015. He contributed greatly to the Charles IV – Master of the World comics.

Matyáš Namai
1993, Prague
Visionary. Arbiter elegantiarum.
Occassional nihilst. Photosynthesis. – What a vocabulary this eloquent young artist possesses! Due to his studies at a secondary graphic art school and being cornered by a pile of math exercise-books full of drawings, he was doomed to become a slave to his tablet, waging a Sisyphean war at the labor market by means of cartoons and graphic art. He is a proud author of three pointless jokes, which he has luckily succeeded to forget. Co-author of Charles IV – Master of the World.

Jan Štěpánek
Born 1948 in Prague.
Author of comic book adaptations of Czech and world literature, illustrations, a core member of XB-1 and Pevnost magazines, text books, video games, posters, cartoons, CD covers and more.



What do you think: Are the lounge bars as we know them going to endure another 100 years? Or is it that progress is unstoppable and one day we will be served in bars by android bartenders equipped with advanced chemical sensors, who will fix a „drink“ for you, to be not only swallowed but also inhaled or even absorbed by skin… In our opinion, classical cocktails are irreplaceable but on the other hand, trying some new format at times and breaking the routine is healthy and fun. And you? What do you think? We look forward to your confessions at the Future Bar!



23.2., 24.2., 26.2.2017 Bio Oko /Prague/
MWould you like to explore the bottom of the ocean, to assume the role of a Jedi Knight, to repel an alien invasion or just to awaken the artist within and paint with a light brush? Here’s your chance! Virtual reality installation by KEEN VR will be at your disposal on February 23, 24 and 26 in the foyer of the cinema. (Installation will be open to the festival participants during the day time and after the screenings only within the time frame work of the festival)



Keen VR is a virtual reality game centre in Prague and one of the first VR entertainment centers in Europe. Keen VR was opened in 2016 as a project of the successful game development studio Keen Software House. VR, or virtual reality, is a simulated 3D environment in which the participant is located and with the aid of special glasses and controllers experiences and influences a virtual world. Immerse yourself in a whole new world of experiences with the latest technology and forget that you are in a room with the headset. Whether you’re a gamer or not, young or old, in Keen VR everyone can choose a game or a program that suits their taste thanks to large selection and experienced staff, which is always at hand.

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