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Welcome to the Future Gate Science Fiction Film Festival 2018

The fifth edition will take place in five cities. Like in the last year it will be in Prague, Brno and Ostrava, but this time we added two more towns: Pilsen and Šumperk. Like every year, we present time-proven classics as well as novelties and newly also documentary films, workshops, a spectacular concert, or a discussions with interesting guests. This year’s theme is women in science fiction, which is no longer a male domain.

Heroines such as Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, or Princess Leia have taken the floor long ago. They do not need the protection of strong men. They can take good care of themselves and of the entire galaxy. Finally, women are conquering also the world of science after being done with the fiction. This year we want to pay a tribute to both fictitious and real women of science and fantasy.

In its fifth year, the festival is yet a little bigger and better than previous time. We would not do manage without the support of our partners: JRC, MindMaze, ESA BIC Prague, Zážitky.cz, Živé firmy, MANA, Secco+. We greatly appreciate the support of the City of Prague, Brno and Pilsen. Last but not least: Thank you, our dear audience.

Ladies and gentlemen and all other life forms, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the festival!


This year’s choice of new titles includes the film How to Talk to Girls at Parties, based on a short story by Neil Gaiman well known to us for his Sandman Comics or the books and the series American Gods. The second new film will be the Russian heroic saga based on a true story – the saving of the orbital station Saljut-7, which falls uncontrollably into the atmosphere. The last recent title is a Polish film about time traveling The Man with the Magic Box that will take us back to the Poland of the Stalinist 1950s as well as to Warsaw in 2030.

We have carefully assorted the film classics this year. Terminator 2 – do we have to say more? Bodybuilder and prapper with Cassandra Syndrome, Sarah Connor alongside the goody T-800 – which was a villain in the first episode. Together, they will protect the mean teenager who is to rescue the world from robot domination one day. The fifth element with Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich is also notorious. In a colorful bizzar world, both the main male character as well at his counterpart, a heroin with bright orange hair and an insulator instead of clothing. The other two classics are of slightly older production date, but never to be expired! In the The Fabulous World of Jules Verne, a classic with a capital ‘C’, you can enjoy the old school film tricks from the time when computers could heat up a room at most. Come to see how Karel Zeman brought to life the wildest dreams of Jules Verne in 1958 only with the help of puppets, editing and perspective tricks. The last legend is the Polish comedy Sexmission, in which two scientists, after a failed experiment with time travel, find themselves in a totalitarian society of the future in which there are no men. But it is not such a win as it might
seemed at first glance.

There are two films in the document section. One of them, the Bugs shows why it might be a good idea to include on our menu the arthropods in the future. The other one – Amateurs in Space – is a movie about two enthusiasts who have decided to lounch a DIY rocket to Orbit. Like every year, short sci-fi movies by iShorts await you. The lovers of Stephen King will surely enjoy the first Czech adaptation of his short story – I Am a Doorway. Those of you who love humor and speak some Czech will surely like the marathon of the satirical sci-fi series Kosmo of Czech TV.

Now you just need a time machine or cloning to get it all!


The sci-fi movie festival is organized by NGO Future Gate. It aims to monitor news from the world of science fiction and share them with approached public on regular basis.
Main goals of Future Gate o. s. are:
• Projection set-up
• Lectures
• Workshops
• Theme events based on science fiction movies and future technologies


commander bridge
Andrej Štůla, Filip Schauer

commander bridge in Brno
Kamila Šulíková

communication with all lifeforms
Petra Belaňová, Denisa Nováková

special events
Martin Vaňo, Filip Schauer

graphic designer of the future
Marko Veselinović

festival trailer and videos
Roland Szabo, music by Steve Raphael

developer of www galaxy
Adam Véle

space photographer
Jana Křivánková

future gate portal
Lukáš Mergl, Marek Sucharda

space decorations
AlienJedna, Bobby Comby (Psy.cho’s Nest), Katka Glassová (Art of Nova)

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