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Time-tested classics, carefully selected new film releases as well as international festivals award-winning films. As usual, the 4th year of the Future Gate Science Fiction Festival brings to screen some of the most interesting genre films. This year’s theme is the relation between humanity and intelligent machines.

Get ready for: THE TERMINATOR – the film that catapulted to fame James Cameron and T-800 – the cyborg assassin with Austrian accent and the iconic catchphrase „I´ll be back “. AKIRA – One of the best cyberpunk anime films of all times. Straight from Neo-Tokyo, Akira led the way for the growth of popularity of Anime in Europe and USA. E.T.: THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL – the second most watched film ever, a powerful story about friendship with hauntingly beautiful music score by John Williams.

And what are the new releases that you can look forward to? MOONWALKERS – a crazy comedy with an exquisite cast about landing or actually not landing on the Moon. What was the true story? Did NASA really achieved the Lunar surface or was the moonwalk faked by CIA? THE WHITE KING – a dystopian Sci-fi situated in Orwellian world. NOVA SEED – An insane Japanese cartoon, which has captivated audiences around the globe. The choice of full-length films will be accompanied by assortment of short movies by iShorts.

The unique atmosphere of the festival will be amplified by an exhibition of robots, fans dressed up as notorious characters as well as the Future Bar. The festival will also host thematic lectures and discussions with interesting guests. Come to the Sci-fi Film Festival Future Gate and take a glimpse of our future coexistence with machines through the eyes of filmmakers!

Stay in touch with us on Facebook or through mailing list (available on main page). We prepare for you other special science fiction events.


The sci-fi movie festival is organized by NGO Future Gate. It aims to monitor news from the world of science fiction and share them with approached public on regular basis.
Main goals of Future Gate o. s. are:
• Projection set-up
• Lectures
• Workshops
• Theme events based on science fiction movies and future technologies


commander bridge
Andrej Štůla, Filip Schauer

commander bridge in Brno
Kamila Šulíková

communication with all lifeforms
Petra Belaňová, Denisa Nováková

special events
Martin Vaňo, Filip Schauer

graphic designer of the future
Marko Veselinović, Roman Tubl

festival trailer and videos
Roland Szabo, music by Steve Raphael

developer of www galaxy
Adam Véle

space photographer
Jana Křivánková

future gate portal
Lukáš Mergl, Marek Sucharda

space decorations
AlienJedna, Bobby Comby (Psy.cho’s Nest), Katka Glassová (Art of Nova)


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