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Dear visitors welcome to the 7th Futuregate sci-fi film festival!

Our theme for this year is the Cyber Revolution. The golden age of cyberpunk is long gone, but its influence remains – can you imagine a sci-fi without implants, hackers, AI or megacorps?

Is it just us or the world around us looks more and more like cyberpunk? There is less punk obviously, but the digital dystopia seems to be around the corner. Neural networks that know you better than you do, fake news, face recognition CCTVs, military drones, global megacorps marauding both the planet and the society – all these loom as dark clouds on the horizon. What looks like looming menace to us is a bitter reality to others. Digital dystopia is being massively exported from world dictatorships and presents probably the biggest threat to freedom we face. Let’s hope for the best in Hong Kong protests. It’s the protesters who are the dam between us and a cybernetic totality at the moment.

Luckily, there is a vaccine against authoritarianism – education. That is why we introduced screenings for schools. The festival thus becomes a part of the educational process, focusing on current issues like cyberbullying, for example. We also need to thank our partners as we would not be able to make the festival happen without them: JRC, ESA BIC Prague, Microsoft, Sebastian Professional, Atomic Drink, Wacom, Živé firmy, Zážitky.cz, MindMaze Prague, Figures.cz, Fun Arena, Stardust Production, and last but not least Prusa Research. Big thanks to institutions that supported us financially: The Ministry of Culture of the CR, municipalities of Prague, Brno and Pilsen.

Moreover, this festival is being held under the auspices of the Mayor of our capital city, Prague, Zdeněk Hřib and the Mayor of the statutory city of Brno, Markéta Vaňkova.

Last but not least, thank you, dear visitors. Without your support, the festival would not exist at all.
Please, enjoy it!

Cyberpunk is not dead!

Take Noir, add a bit of punk, urban decay (think the Bronx in the late 70s), add a large amount of sci-fi tropes – preferably implants, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, hackers, evil megacorps, and drugs. Stir well. Voilá – your cyberpunk is ready!

Cyberpunk always meant a fight for freedom. A resistance against megacorps, fight to retain one’s sanity, revolt against an AI or struggle for its freedom.

William Gibson, Bruce Sterling or Wachowski sisters probably wouldn’t have guessed that their grimy visions would start manifesting so soon. Hackers assaulting urban infrastructure, personal data thefts, social manipulations via neural networks feeding you tailor-made disinformation or cyberbullying are a sad reality of today. Cyberpunk projects itself in the real world just as it projects to the rest of the genre – can you imagine contemporary sci-fi without AI, megacorps, social control, digital dystopia, hackers, or at least one of these? You can’t!

Even Black Mirror – a sci-fi for people who dislike sci-fi – has it! It almost looks like cyberpunk dissolved both in the rest of the genre and in the real world to become their integral part. It is probably for the best. But please, let’s not forget the old school, true cyberpunk, the neon Noire, antiheroes, the cybernetic revolution with gritty synth soundtrack. Cyberpunk neverdies!


The sci-fi movie festival is organized by NGO Future Gate. It aims to monitor news from the world of science fiction and share them with approached public on regular basis.
Main goals of Future Gate o. s. are:
• Projection set-up
• Lectures
• Workshops
• Theme events based on science fiction movies and future technologies

Festival team

Production: Andrej Štůla, Filip Schauer, Anna Švehelková
Film programme: Kateřina Horáková, Denisa Nováková, Andrej Štůla, Filip Schauer
Accompanying programme: Zita Adamová, Josef Forman, Petr Dimov
Guest Service: Andrej Štůla, Josef Forman
Host: Martin Vaňo
Graphic: Marko Veselinović, Jakub Klíma
Marketing, partners: Filip Schauer, Andrej Štůla, Matěj Křístek
On-line marketing: Františka Blažková, Matěj Křístek
PR: Adéla Brabcová
Translation: Michaela Fiurášková
Festival photographers: Jana Křivánková, Michal Dědič

The Future would like to Thanks to

Barbora Hacsi, Kateřina Schauerová, Michal Postránecký, Kristýna
Benešová, Tomáš Krejčí, Jonáš Ledecký, Michal Suchánek,
Zdena Koryntová, Martin Vinš, Ondřej Filgas, Iurii Ladutko, Martin Vodička,
Viktor Tesařík, Bedřich Němec, Zuzana Václavová, Jiří Dušek,
Milan Šimánek, Jana Glocarová, Kristína Malíková, Martina Marešová,
Kamil Navrátil, Berberich Lukáš, Nina Šilanová, Martin Štefan, Club Cross,
Sanctuary.cz and to all viewers.

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