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The venue of the sixth annual of the festival will be the Lucerna Palace in Prague, as is our tradition. The festival will later travel to Brno, Pilsen, and Šumperk. Just like the previous year, we hand-picked a collection of timeless classics, brand new flicks and insightful documentaries. This year, we prepared a marathon-viewing of the first season of the Red Dwarf show with special guest Norman Lovett. We also prepared accompanying programme – exhibitions, speeches, games and creative workshops. You can try upcycling – creating new stuff from scrap – or watch drone footage of Czech landscape.

This year’s theme is ‘The World is not a toy’, or the influence of humankind has on our planet not only in the ecological sense. Don’t worry, we’re not trying to depress you, we want to entertain. Science fiction is connected to the theme of Apocalypse from the beginning and destruction on the big screen is actually fun, isn’t it? It would be nice for you to think about how the end of the world is spilling from fiction to reality, but it would be even nicer if you’d have fun.

The festival would not be possible without our wonderful partners: JRC, ESA BIC Prague, Wacom, Živé firmy, Zážitky.cz, MindMaze, Fun Arena, and last but not least Figures.cz. Big thanks to institutions that supported us financially: The Ministry of Culture of the CR, municipalities of Prague and Brno. Thank you!


A.I. Rising or “the Serbian Blade Runner” is one of the new movies. It is a story of a relationship between an astronaut and female android on an interstellar journey. Our second new flick is a psychological drama Freaks. Chloe is a little girl who is forbidden to leave her house because she is different and the outside is dangerous for her. When she transgresses her ban, she figures out it was probably not a good idea. You won’t be able to get this movie out of your head, trust us. You should not miss Lajko: Gypsy in space, a crazy comedy about the first human in space. Instead of Gagarin, it might be Hungarian crop-sprayer Lajos Serbán, who should test the technology before Gagarin’s start. Get ready for privy thruster, Lajos’ mother orbiting Earth, party members, and apparatchiks. Prospect tells a story of a family of precious stone gatherers traveling from planet to planet. This planet is magical and poisonous, a wonderful forest created almost without CGI.

In our classic section, you can expect Gattaca, visually stunning psychological drama with stellar cast about an urge to cross boundaries set by a gene dystopia. Our second classic is the Godzilla from 1954 – a movie that started a cult. Black and white, models, puppets and pure fright of the atomic age. Our third classic is Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, based on the cult Japanese anime series – crazy action, funny lines, noir space, and last but not least: an amazing soundtrack.

Binge watchers should not miss the marathon-watching of the first season of the Red Dwarf show with a special guest Norman Lovett, who starred Holly – the ship’s computer’s avatar head. He also stars in Evil Aliens – a C movie that does not give a damn. If you like clichés, admitted bad effects, biting lines and megatons of bizarre, you need to see this. Just like any other year, we selected a short film section in cooperation with iShorts.

In our documentary section, we have four movies. Explore, about the history and current technology for interplanetary travel. Electron microscopes – two movies about history and current progress in the field. Do you trust this computer? a documentary with high profile guests like Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil discussing the possibilities and implications of future AI development. The Farthest is a documentary about Voyager 1 and 2 probes, the farthest man-made objects from our planet. The documents feature yet unpublished footage captured by these probes.


The sci-fi movie festival is organized by NGO Future Gate. It aims to monitor news from the world of science fiction and share them with approached public on regular basis.
Main goals of Future Gate o. s. are:
• Projection set-up
• Lectures
• Workshops
• Theme events based on science fiction movies and future technologies


Production: Andrej Štůla, Filip Schauer, Anna Švehelková
Film programme: Kateřina Horáková, Denisa Nováková, Andrej Štůla, Filip Schauer
Accompanying programme: Zita Adamová, Josef Forman, Petr Dimov
Guest Service: Andrej Štůla
Host: Martin Vaňo
Graphic: Marko Veselinović
Marketing, partners: Filip Schauer, Andrej Štůla, Matěj Křístek
On-line marketing: Františka Blažková, Matěj Křístek
Pr: Adéla Brabcová
Translation: Michaela Fiurášková
Web: Adam Véle
Festival photographers: Jana Křivánková, Michal Dědič


Miroslav Táborský, Tomáš Krejčí, Kateřina Schauerová, Jonáš Ledecký, Ondřej Filgas, Martin Vodička, Bedřich Němec, Zuzana Václavová, Petr Šašek, Jiří Dušek, Milan Šimánek, Jana Glocarová, Kristína Malíková, Tomáš Fridrich, Kamil Navrátil, Jakub Halousek (Studio Anima), Jana Černá, Natálie Roubalová, Martina Zajacová a Hana Zajacová.

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