FUTURE GATE SCI-FI FILM FESTIVAL In March 2016 in Prague and Brno took place the third annual festival of science fiction films Future Gate. We introduced six feature films, among them legends of the genre BLADE RUNNER and ALIEN 3 in expanded versions. In the premiere, we launched the Australian drama Terminus, frantic ride in the rhythm of the Eighties TURBO KID and the Japanese blockbuster SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK, film selection complemented crazy Scandinavian comedy LOVEMILLA. Among the five selected short films was the first part of the long-prepared Czech sci-fi musical Laika.

We have invited at total 8 guests for lectures and forums. Among them the most important one, British film editor Terry Rawlings (Alien, Blade Runner). Terry festival in Prague officially opened and introduce two of his films: ALIEN 3 and BLADE RUNNER. He told us some backstage informations and slightly uncover films secrets, the audience had the opportunity to ask Terry anything and take a photograph. Besides Terry accepted the invitation to the festival Czech writer of science fiction and fantasy Jiří Walker Procházka, he make us more dedicated to the topic of superheroes. František Fuka, Marek Dobes, Kamil Fila and Radomír D. Kokeš dismantled contribution and influence far unequaled movie legend BLADE RUNNER. Vlastimil Šprta, a member of the Rebel Legion, presented Lucas’ Star Wars Empire and Jakub Krásný invited us to the upcoming second annual festival postapocalyptic Junktown. The festival was also interesting in visuals. On constructing the decorations were involved three different artists who have prepared for you a unique spectacle: AlienJedna, Art of Nova, Psy.cho’s Nest. At total of 15 film screenings and 4 lectures came nearly 1 900 spectators. We thank all of you who by your presence helped to create a lovely atmosphere and we hope you enjoy the festival as we did. We would like to thank to all our partners and co-organizers, their logos cound be found on a separate page here. Especially we would like to thank to Prague 7 and City of Brno for the financial support, which we really appreciate. Stay in touch with us on Facebook or through mailing list (available on main page). We prepare for you other special science fiction events.

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