Amateurs in Space

KINO LUCERNA /Prague/ SA 17.2. 15:30 
FR 23.2. 18:00 

original title AMATEURS IN SPACE
director Max Kestner
cast Kristian von Bengtson, Peter Madsen, Steen Andersen
year 2016
runtime 80 min.
country Denmark
format HD
language Danish-English with Czech and English subtitles
film trailer YouTube

The documentary follows two friends: Well-known Danish inventor Peter Madsen and Kristian von Bengstom and their journey through the impossible. Their goal is to assemble a spaceship and fly to space without the billion dollars budget that the regular space agencies have available. Are they really ready to scarify their entire live to the ultimate goal? Isn’t their dedication going to fade away and their life paths doomed to split? And is it possible at all to launch a spaceship built of hair dryers and other common household items without the unique NASA technology? Is their childhood dream going to come true or will they fail? Six year project with only 56 thousand dollar budget and full of obstacles and construction challenges. We´ll see in the document by Max Kestner.


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