Blood Machines

In 2016, two French directors under an alias Seth Ickerman made an epic four-minute video for the song Turbo Killer by the synthwave magician, Carpenter Brut. The success of the short madness interwoven with the right 1980s spirit and of a Kickstarter campaign gave rise to a 50-minute sequel called Blood Machines three years later. In this musical and bizarre film, two cosmic raiders encounter an insidious machine that has its own soul. It takes the form of a beautiful woman and escapes in her longing for freedom. However, the consternated hunters desire to understand the essence of this mysterious entity and they begin to follow it through the Universe.

original Blood Machines
director Raphaël Hernandez, Savitri Joly-Gonfard
cast Elisa Lasowski, Anders Heinrichsen, Christian Erickson
year 2019
runtime 50 min.
country France
format DCP, BluRay
language English with Czech subtitles
trailer filmu YouTube


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