69 % of young people in the UK have experienced some form of cyberbullying. In the most severe cases, victims may face the pitfalls of webcams attacks, abuse and ‘trolling to suicide’. Anti-bullying campaigns encourage young people to ‘turn their backs’ on hostile behaviour on the Internet. However, for those who have already been targeted, it is not easy to escape the clutches of their tormentors. In the British thriller, Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) plays a Casey Jacobs, a teenage girl who is fighting her anonymous cyberstalker. Casey is a teenager who has experienced the worst of what the Internet has to offer; from a lower-level form of bullying, where participants are on the same level (a so-called peer-to-peer), to advanced computer intrusion techniques. With all her might, she is trying to put an end to her suffering. Cyberbully is inspired by many real cases. Although Casey’s story is extreme and formed into the eye-catching and dramatic form, all the events depicted are real and have indeed happened to individual victims.

original Cyberbully
director Ben Chanan
cast Maisie Williams, Ella Purnell, Haruka Abe, Daisy Waterstone
year 2015
runtime 62 min.
country Great Britain
format DVD
language English with Czech subtitles
trailer YouTube


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