Electron microscopy

Electron microscopy – how was it and how is it today?
Maximalists in a Microcosm, Etudes for Electron Microscope, documents of director Pavel Koutecký will introduce us to the development center of top instruments at Tesla in Brno under the direction of Armin Delonga in the 1980s and to the origins and development of electron microscopy in our country. What has changed in electron microscopy over the last 30 years? Where did its development and production moved? What do we use electron microscopes for today? Is Brno the city of electron microscopy? These and many more questions will be answered by a representative of the team of application specialists from Thermo Fisher Scientific that has been involved in electron microscopy applications in both research and industry for the long term.

original Maximalisté v mikrosvětě, Etudy pro elektronový mikroskop
direcotr Pavel Koutecký
year 1985, 1988
runtime 20 + 21 + 45 min. lecture
country Czechoslovakia
format DVD
language Czech version (NOT English friendly)


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