Evil Aliens

For lovers of crazy sci-fi, Evil Aliens is a must-see. The mad comedy with confessed inartistic effects, razor-sharp humor, and scenes often heavily beyond the limit of taste of a common viewer, refers to classical pictures of the science fiction genre, albeit in a much more perverse context, spiced with genuine welshness. Not gonna lie, this B film is not for everyone. But if you love all kinds of bizarre, Evil Aliens will definitely not disappoint you. It is not missing any favorite clichés, whether it is a (of course, pregnant) victim of alien abduction, a sexy investigative journalist, or sadistic aliens conducting experiments on humans.

original Evil Aliens
director Jake West
cast Norman Lovett, Emily Booth, Scott Joseph, Christopher Adamson, Dan Palmer
year 2005
runtime 93 min.
country Great Britain
format HD
language English with Czech subtitles
trailer YouTube


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