Since the beginning of mankind we have looked up at the stars and we dreamed that we will actually touch them once. If we are going to live longer than our planet Earth, we will even have to make this dream come true. The twentieth century took canals and Martians away from Mars, it also sent the ideas of plants on its surface into the realm of mythes. Even so, Mars still remains a major challenge – except Moon it is the only reasonably accessible body in the Solar System, where people may soon be traveling. Take a journey through history of learning about the Solar System. From the first astrological ideas to the solutions of motion of planets and any other bodies
– for example of interplanetary probes. Not perfect circles, but graceful ellipses are key to the motion through the space in the powerful gravitational field of the Sun. But how to reach Mars with their help?
After the projection a discussion with Dušan Majer /Kosmonautix.cz/ will follow: NOT ENGLISH FRIENDLY

original Explore
director Maciej Ligowski
year 2017
runtime 27 min. + 45 min. discussion
country Polsko
format Fulldome 3D
language Czech version, English version with headphones
trailer YouTube



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