Ghost in the Shell: Innocence

The sequel to the anime Ghost in The Shell by director Mamoru Oshii, the major film of the genre, raises a classic science-fiction question again – Is there anything like a soul? And where does it come from? At the time when the boundaries between man and robot are completely blurring, detective Batou, a cyborg himself, is searching for mysterious murders committed by modern geishas, the android companions of the highest social elite. Who is behind the murders? And why is Yakuza so interested in them? Let yourself absorb by Ghost in The Shell 2 in the atmosphere of an over-technical future that may not be as distant as it seems.

original Innocence
director Mamoru Ošii
cast Akio Ócuka, Acuko Tanaka, Kóiči Jamadera, Tamio Óki
year 2004
runtime 99 min.
country Japan
format BluRay
language Japanese with English and Czech subtitles
trailer YouTube


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