If you think that Godzilla is the work of Roland Emmerich from 1968, believe that the first kaiu was born much earlier and moreover in the Land of the Rising Sun! Meet the original Godzilla in the film of a Japanese director Ishir Honda and definitely do not look at it with contempt due to the older date of birth of this jewel of the genre. After 65 years, Godzilla is still captivating and offers an interesting insight into Japanese cinema of the 20th century, which the creators used to point to the nonsense of nuclear weapons development. Without the world contaminated with radioactivity, this prehistoric lizard, whose existence threatens mankind with paying the highest price, would never left deep ditches of the ocean…

original Gojira
director Iširó Honda
cast Takaši Šimura, Kin Sugai, Iširó Honda, Kendži Sahara, Momoko Kóči, Akira Takarada
year 1954
runtime 96 min.
country Japan
format DCP
language Japanese with Czech subtitles /NOT English friendly/
trailer YouTube


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