What are class reunions actually for? You spend one horrible day in a company of people who either you are not interested in, you don’t remember or who used to give you a hard time in your childhood. A group of old friends from the Institute of Computer Science in this debut of director Manolo Munguia will find out for themselves how can such a reunion go wrong. An ordinary decent dinner with partners suddenly becomes a hell when one of the participants reveals to the others that he has managed to decode one of the most secret files on the Internet. By doing so, he has opened up kind of a virtual Pandora’s box which certainly can not end well for the participants of the dinner.

original H0us3
director Manolo Munguia
cast Rubèn Serrano, Víctor Gómez, Anna Bertrán, Roc Esquius, BernatMestre, Cristina Raya
year 2018
runtime 104 min.
country Spain
format DCP, BluRay
language Spanish with English and Czech subtitles
trailer YouTube


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