iShorts for Future Gate: Sci-fi Shorts

Proper sci-fi does not need a huge budget or endless footage. Don’t you believe us? Come to the festival and check out the selection of sci-fi shorts from iShorts and see. We have everything from robots, to cyborgs, to aliens.

The Endless
dir. ArtFX, France, 4 min.
At the top of a tower higher than the clouds, in the middle of a storm, two colleagues are faced with a strange phenomenon in the sky. The French film shows immense possibilities and the impressiveness of special effects.

dir. Martin Pošta, Czech republic, 6 min.
In order to fulfill his dream, Neil The Space Bear, lands with his spaceship after a long and stressful journey on an unknown planet. Without knowing what the future holds he sets off for an abandoned city where he may find what he has been looking for for so long. Animated magic bear from FAMU.

dir. Stuart Willis, Australia, 18 min.
At a spaceport somewhere in Australia, young Simon tries to save his family. The only possibility of better life is to go up. The sophisticated dystopian vision of award-winning visual artist Stuart Wills.

dir. Jiří Volek, Czech republic, 5 min.
A mad Nazi scientist in a wheelchair tries to bring to life a mysterious creature in a dark cellar. Legendary Metropolis meets Dr. Frankenstein in the original short film from the Prague FAMU.

Long Distance Relationship
dir. Carolina Markowicz, Brazil, 5 min.
The main character of the film, presented at the prestigious Toronto festival, is obsessed with the desire for sex with extraterrestrial entities. His passion leads him to Brazil, where his wish can be fulfilled …

The Manual
dir. Wil Magness, USA, 30 min.
In a dystopian future, the last human is raised by a machine. He struggles with the loneliness of no human interaction and questions the teachings of a mysterious religious ‘Manual’ which the machine claims is holy. The thought-provoking and visually sophisticated atmospheric sci-fi.

Solar Walk
dir. Réka Bucsi, Germany, 21 min.
Flags are planted. Hands are held. First steps are taken on new worlds. And then the giant lets out a stream of black piss and pees a brand new universe. Reason enough for the two creatures who landed in the new spot with the giant to jump into the vast blackness. Love in outer space.

The program is subject to change, for the current program, please visit the festival website.

original iShorts for Future Gate: Sci-fi Shorts
director various
cast various
year various
runtime appx. 90 min.
coutry various
format HD
language original version with Czech subtitles

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