Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

It is the year 2032. Tallinn, Estonia, is a smog-filled metropole where the Sun doesn’t shine and it is also controlled by a large central computer. Moreover, a big problem is rushing at the city, a virus called the Soviet Union, backed by an insidious hacker nicknamed General Stalin. Fortunately, the CIA will deploy its two best agents, commander Palmer Eldritch and his partner DT Gagan, to rescue the partner city. Spanish director Miguel Llansó satirically strikes both capitalism and artificial intelligence. Without explanation, he throws a viewer into his own world of the future. All you can do as a viewer is to accept Llansó’s rules, seat firmly and hope you won’t fall from your seat.

original Jesús te muestra el camino a la autopista
director Miguel Llansó
cast Daniel Tadesse, Aris Rozentals, Lauri Lagle, Iveta Pole
year 2019
runtime 83 min.
country Spain, Estonia, Ethiopia, Latvia, Romania
format DCP, BluRay
language English with Czech subtitles
trailer YouTube


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