Kosmo /series marathon/

KINO LUCERNA /Prague/ SU 18.2. 20:15 

original title KOSMO
director Jan Bártek
cast Martin Myšička, David Novotný, Jiří Hána, Jakub Žáček, Jana Plodková
year 2016
runtime 5×35 min.
country CZ
format HD
language in Czech with WITHOUT English subtitles
film trailer YouTube

Czechs are going to the Moon and thanks to the satire TV series Kosmo and you can come along. Enjoy the marathon of all episodes at the Future Gate festival! What would it be like if the Czech Republic sends out to Space a group of four inexperienced good-for-nothings? Exactly the way it is portrayed in the Kosmo series. To make matters worse, the crew has to accept another member – a live chicken as a sop to a mighty Czech poulterer…
Director Jan Bártek and scriptwriter Tomáš Baldýnský did a refreshing sitcom which satirizes the Czech political culture and beyond. But of course, all characters are fictional and any resemblance to actual events or persons is purely coincidental!


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