Lajko: Gypsy in Space

They say in the Soviet Union that Gypsies do not fly into space. You, however, can be convinced otherwise thanks to the black Hungarian comedy Lajko. The first living creature in the universe was not the dog Lajka but a pilot of a crop duster Lajos Serbán. As a child he successfully built a space rocket from a latrine using feces as a fuel. Unfortunately, the functional rocket was launched into heavenly heights with his mother on board. Since then he has been trying to get into space to meet her. He is allowed to do so by a Communist apparat, not because they would be particularly interested in the idea of Gypsy in space but because they need to make a test of technique. Gagarin must not be sent into the unknown!

original Lajko: Cigány az ürben
director Balázs Lengyel
cast Tamás Keresztes, József Gyabronka, Tibor Pálffy, Sergej Onopko, Gábor Máté
year 2018
runtime 90 min.
country Hungary
format DCP / BluRay
language Hungarian with English and Czech subtitles
trailer YouTube


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