Little Joe

‘An impressive futuristic in accordant with a sterile environment and an interesting theme.’ The science-fiction drama Little Joe was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and it even competed for the main prize. Emily Beecham, known from Ave, Caesar! by the Coen brothers, plays Alice Woodard, a scientist involved in the development of new plant species. One day she manages to grow a really special flower. Whoever smells it will be overwhelmed by this feeling of delightful euphoria. She proudly names this groundbreaking creation after her son – she calls it Little Joe. However, Alice, just like her relatives and lab colleagues, will soon realize that nothing is free, including happiness.

original Little Joe
director Jessica Hausner
cast Emily Beecham, Ben Whishaw, Kit Connor, Leanne Best, Phénix Brossard
year 2019
runtime 100 min.
country Austria, The Great Britain, Germany
format DCP
language English with Czech subtitles
local distributor Film Europe
trailer YouTube


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