Nova Seed

BIO OKO SA 25.2. 21:00 
KINO ART FR 3.3. 19:00

original NOVA SEED
director Nick DiLiberto
cast Joe DiLiberto, Nick DiLiberto, Shawn Donovan, John Jellinek
year 2016
runtime 64 min.
country Japan
format HD
language in English with Czech subtitles
trailer on YouTube

If you’re fond of 1980’s 2D animation aesthetics then you will certainly be enchanted by Nova Seed. The entire movie is a work of art by one man – Nick DiLiberto who wrote, directed and skillfully animated the film!

Humans have lost their humanity long ago. Their main hobby is gladiatorial combats. Lion, ‘the Lion Man’, one of the fighters in the arena, is chosen to face the insane Dr. Mindskull who owns the deadly weapon Nova Seed.

But as Lion finds out, Nova Seed is not a weapon of mass destruction meant to destroy the world, but a supernatural being whose incredible power comes from nature, by then almost obliterated on Earth. In the end, he will have to conduct a mortal combat for the beautiful being and nature it self….


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  1. Dilibjo

    I’ve seen the Nova Seed screening in Austin Texas. Truly amazing film


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