Red Dwarf

The notoriously known Red Dwarf crew does not need to be introduced. Loafer Lister, hologram Rimmer, onboard computer Holly and member of the new feline-humanoid form of life Cat have spent eleven seasons on our screens intermittently. But if you are a classic who swear by the first season, you can recall it within the serial marathon at Future Gate. The Red Dwarf marathon can not do without a star guest who will be no one other than comedian Norman Lovett, the old known Holly. Norman will arrive to Prague, after the marathon projection with him at he cinema he will run Q&A and then he will meet his fans at the cafe.

original Red Dwarf I. series marathon
director Ed Bye
cast Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules,
Robert Bathurst, Norman Lovett
year 1988
runtime 6 x 30 min.
country Great Britain
format DVD
language Czech dubbing with English subtitles
trailer YouTube


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