KINO LUCERNA /Prague/ SA 17.2. 18:30 
SA 24.2. 20:00 
SA 3.3. 20:00

original title SALYUT-7
director Klim Šipenko
cast Vladimir Vdovičenkov, Pavel Děrevjanko, Ljubov Aksjonova, Marija Mironova, Alexandr Samojlenko
year 2017
runtime 119 min.
country Russia
format DCP, BluRay
language Russian with Czech and English subtitles
trailer filmu YouTube

The cold war is in full swing. Americans and Soviets compete in the space race. In the least convenient moment possible, the Soviet orbital station Salyut 7 loses contact with the ground control and threatens to crush to Earth. That has to be prevented! But the only man able to land on the out-of-control space station is banned from flying to space due to his unclean bill of mental health. Are the Soviet scientist ready to contravene the regulations to prevent the catastrophe or will they rather accept the risk of multiple casualties? If you liked the film Gravity, you will love this movie based on a true story of Salyut 7 space station.


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