Multifunctional creators of award-winning horror mosaic V/H/S: Viral and science-fiction The Endless, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, are deservedly considered to be number one among independent filmmakers. In their next cooperation, they enter an alternative reality. Jamie Dornan (Anthropoid) and Anthony Mackie (The Avengers) play rescuers who increasingly encounter strange injuries associated with the use of a new drug called Synchronic. Where did the narcotic come from and what does it do to those who try it? In many ways, the imaginative and innovative work offers a great screenplay that combines a classic genre theme, a thrilling action show and a drama about a relationship of two friends.

original Synchronic
director Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead
cast Jamie Dornan, Anthony Mackie, Ally Ioannides, Katie Aselton
year 2019
runtime 101 min.
country USA
format DCP
language English with Czech subtitles


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