The Fifth Element

KINO LUCERNA /Prague/ SA 17.2. 20:30 
SA 23.2. 20:00 

original title THE FIFTH ELEMENT
director Luc Besson
cast Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Milla Jovovich, Chris Tucker
year 1997
runtime 126 min.
country France
format DCP 4K, BluRay
language English with Czech subtitles
film trailer YouTube

In the 23rd century the world no longer looks the way we know it. And what is more, its very existence is threatened by the Evil – a giant ball of fire. In the spectacular film vision of Luc Besson a peculiar fellowship is formed united by the common goal of mankind’s survival and facing an uneasy task: Bruce Willis as a cab driver Korben Dallas, the beautiful fifth element Leeloo aka divine Milla Jovovich with her awesome bright orange hair, ethereal Diva Plavalaguna and father Cornelius will have to defeat Gary Oldman in one of his best villain roles to save the planet. You will enjoy every minute of this crazy ride. And don’t forget that when everything else fails, love prevails.


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