The Last Sunrise

In 2019, China introduced The Wandering Earth to the world, its very first science-fiction blockbuster, and it seems that the local cinematography tends to continue to bet on this genre. In just 14 days, and with a budget of $250,000, director Wen Ren created the film Last Sunrise. We find ourselves in a world where everything is 100% solar-powered. However, one day the Sun disappears and darkness falls on most of the country. Young astronomer Sun Yans and his neighbour Chen Mu set out to search for the last rays of light. Last Sunrise is a breathtaking, visually captivating show that sensitively and unobtrusively presents a social criticism to its viewer.

original Zui hou de ri chu
director Wen Ren
cast Sen Yang, Jue Zhang, Ran Zhang, Yue Zhang
year 2019
runtime 103 min.
country China
format BluRay
language Mandarin with English and Czech subtitles
trailer YouTube


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