The Terminator

BIO OKO FR 24.2. 20:30 
KINO ART TH 2.3. 20:30
SVĚT TECHNIKY FR 17.3. 19:00

director James Cameron
cast Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton, Paul Winfield, Lance Henriksen
year 1984
runtime 107 min.
country USA
format DCP
language English with Czech subtitles
trailer YouTube

Director James Cameron’s classic sci-fi with Arnold Schwarzenegger will take us to 1980’s Los Angeles at the Future Gate festival. Look forward to leather jackets, signature blue electric currents, flaunting metal endoskeleton as well as flexing “living tissues” and last but not least: the best movie line: “I’ll be back!”

Arnie, the cyborg assassin, is sent to L. A. tasked with a special mission: to kill Sarah Connor before she gives birth to her son, who would lead the uprising of humans against machines some fifty years later. But Sarah is not alone. Kyle Reese has been sent from the future so that she — and ultimately the rest of humanity — can survive.


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