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the director of H0us3
Prague Lucerna | Small room 30.1. 20:45 & 31.1. 20:30 | Q&A
After studying Telecommunications Engineering in Santander (Spain), and Film Direction in Barcelona (Spain), Manolo covered the Director of Photography tasks in short films such as “Colmillos de Felpa” or “Envidia” and directed two short films with presence in International Film Festivals: “GOW” and “ROTA”. “H0US3” is his debut feature film as Director.


the director of Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway
Prague Lucerna | Main room 29.1. 21:00 | Q&A
A big fan of experimental-punk-weird music and films, Miguel Llansó studied philosophy and cinema before leaving on his many adventures, like Jean Rouch or Werner Herzog. For him, filmmaking is friendship, risk, provocation, subversion and freedom. Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway (2019) – SciFi political satire shot between Ethiopia, Estonia, Latvia and Spain – is Miguel’s second feature film, premiering at Fantasia and Neuchatel Fantastic Fest.


the director and the producer and lead actor of Bullets of Justice
Prague Lucerna | Main room 1.2. 18:45 | Q&A
The director Valeri Milev and the producer and the main actor Timur Turisbekov will represent the film Bullets of Justice. This likable team is behind the creation of a post-apocalyptic film that audiences have fallen in love with at genre festivals around the world. Bullets of Justice will become a cult!


composer, musician
Prague Czech museum of Music 4.2. 19:00 | concert | tickets
Brno Observatory and planetarium Brno 5.2. 20:00 | concert | tickets

A lute sound is inherently linked to ancient times, but this Dutchman living in American opens up new horizons to this traditional instrument in his work. Jozef van Wissem left his mark on listeners mainly thanks to the soundtrack for Jim Jarmusch’s film Only Lovers Left Alive. He will present his new album Ex Mortis at the
concerts in Prague and Brno.