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stand up comic and actor in series Red Dwarf and film Evil Aliens

Norman Lovett was born in 1946 in Windsor, England. He first appeared in television in 1984 in the episode of “The Young Ones”. He used his comedic skills as a stand up comedian in the Comedy Store.
In the minds of fans all over the world he enrolled as Holly in the Red Dwarf series. After Red Dwarf, Norman had his own BBC sitcom called ”I, Lovett”, in which he played an eccentric inventor and appeared in Bill Bailey’s sketch show, ”Is It Bill Bailey?”.
At the Future Gate in Prague Norman will introduce the marathon of the first series of the Red Dwarf and his another sci-fi project “Evil Aliens”.


director and screenwriter of Lajko – Gypsy in Space (Lajkó – Cigány az ürben) 

Balázs Lengyel is a Hungarian writer-director, who has worked as a screenwriter on several feature films, tv projects, and the award winning HBO series, Golden Life.  Lajkó – gypsy in space is his directorial debut. In Trieste International Science Fiction Film Festival film won the Audience Award.


director of A.I. Rising (Ederlezi Rising) 
Lazar Bodroza is director, visual artist, founder and creative director of the independent design studio Metaklinika. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. In 2011 Lazar Bodroza won the award TOP 20 under 30 given by Print magazine. He was selected as one of the world’s top 20 visual artists under the age of 30. He is the author of the interactive film Uber Life (2010) and the short film The Mountain Wreath (2006).
Ederlezi Rising is his debut feature film. It premiered at the 41st Belgrade International Film Festival and was awarded Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. Since then the film has been successfully screened in several world wide film festival and was awarded by many awards.


storyboard artist, illustrator
Kurt van der Basch, a Prague-based storyboard artist and illustrator, grew up in Canada’s East coast maritime region.
With a knack for quick drawing, Kurt turned to storyboarding in 2003 with Liev Schreiber’s “Everything is Illuminated” and Neil Burger’s 2004 drama “The Illusionist”. He has since applied his drawing skills to a wide range of media in Europe and the United States, from production illustrations for music videos for Janet Jackson, Kanye West, and Madonna’s 2009 “Sticky and Sweet” tour, to drawing storyboards for J.J. Abrams’ monumental 2015 reboot “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.
Kurt’s most recent projects include J. A. Bayona’s “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”, and Amazon’s upcoming big budget fantasy Series “Carnival Row”.
Kurt regularly teaches workshops for film and illustration students.