Proper sci-fi does not need huge budget or the endless footage. Don´t you believe? So come to the festival and check out the selection of sci-fi shorts from iShorts. We have everything from robots, cyborgs over to aliens. Five great films on Future Gate Sci-fi Film Festival: 6.3. from 18:30 in cinema BIO OKO and 20.3. from 20:30 in cinema Kino Art in Brno. Below you can find a list of involve films.


Wire Cutters
režie: Jack Anderson, 2014, USA, 9 minut
director: Jack Anderson, 2014, USA, 9 min.
A random meeting of two robots miners on a deserted planet.

Keep Going
director: Geon Kim, 2016, South Korea, 20 min.
Margo journey with robot girl Yeon Hee, who has implanted an artificial broken heart.

I am you dickhead
director: Lucas Testro, 2014, Australia, 12 min.
A man travels 10 years back in time to teach young himself to play the guitar to later atracte more ladies.

director: Aurel Klimt, 2016, CZ, 36 min.
An animated sci-fi musical, famous canine hero Laika is alive! The first part of the upcoming feature film.

The Landing
director: Josh Tanner, 2013, Australia, 18 min.
A man returns home to the farm in order to uncover the truth of what landed there in 1960.

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