Alien on Stage

There’s no need to introduce Ridley Scott’s Alien as it’s one of the pivotal films of the science fiction genre that gained fans all over the world. One unusual group from England with a great love for the piece got a truly crazy idea – to produce an eponymous theatre play on a measly budget. What came to be is impossible to describe in words, you just have to see it!

A captivating and entertaining documentary by director duo Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey follows the realization of the dramatic idea from the initial rehearsed readings and stage set design to the premiere in the West End Theatre in London. This documentary will prove that, sometimes, all you truly need is a sufficient portion of resourcefulness, to be a dedicated fan and, mainly, to have big enough courage to bring an insane idea to life!

Back to Chernobyl

The greatest catastrophe in the history of nuclear energetics that occurred on 26th April 1986 is known to nearly everyone. This nuclear emergency was the most enormous failure of technology in the history of humankind and took place at what is now part of Ukraine near the town of Chernobyl. Thirty-five years have passed since this technological and human disaster happened but that doesn’t stop us from coming back. Among us, there are still people who not only remember this fateful event and were lucky enough to survive it but also contributed to lessening the impacts of the explosion. Many of them have fought an invisible but extremely insidious enemy, bore witness to shocking scenes, risked their lives. They saved not only Europe but the whole world from the horrifying consequences of a nuclear disaster that poses, even though it might not seem likely, a threat even in times of today’s modern civilization.

In Silico

The brain – by far the most complex structure in the known universe that harbours many, for us still unsolvable secrets. During the unimaginably long period of ongoing evolution on planet Earth, there came to life a highly organized cluster of 100 billion nerve cells (neurons), which led all the way to the creation of consciousness in us humans. Contemporary neuroscience still knows very little about the brain’s processes but that doesn’t mean we should stop the fascinating research. With great determination, the world’s leading neurologist, Henry Markram, also took up the task – in 2009, he announced to the world his ambitious plan to create a digital copy of a functional brain within a supercomputer’s mainframe in the course of ten years…


Most of today’s currency doesn’t have a physical form. That means, for example, that if all people decided to withdraw from their bank accounts at the same time, the currently existing banknotes and coins wouldn’t be sufficient. So, where did the numbers that express the value in our bank accounts originate from and where does money itself come from? The Oeconomia documentary by German director Carmen Losmann investigates the core of the current financial system, examines the paradoxes of incessant economic growth, and defines the outlines of a system and its mechanisms that, besides other things, contribute to economic inequality among the inhabitants of our globalized planet. We will follow the trail of the issue itself but also point to its cause – the leading executives of concerns and banks who don’t even know how their system works in the end. Because the source of all additional money, covering the profits and the overall economic growth – is debt.

The Rise of Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is a science fiction subgenre – the world of technological wonders, artificial intelligence, and cybernetics, set in contrast with societal decay. The roots of cyberpunk can be found in the sci-fi movement of the 60s and 70s called New Wave, which featured such names as Philip K. Dick, Roger Zelazny, Harlan Ellison or William Gibson. In this 90-minute sequel to the film The Origins of Cyberpunk, we will think back on the amazing blockbusters of the 90s such as Total Recall (1990), Screamers (1995), Terminator 2 (1991), Ghost in the Shell (1995), Robocop 2 (1990), Demolition Man (1993) or Judge Dredd (1995). Video games also won’t be forgotten – look forward to Final Fantasy VII, Shadowrun, Syndicate, Blade Runner Game and many others.

The Rise of the Synths

The synth culture lived through its resurrection in 2011 thanks to Drive. The music genre has been around since the end of the 80s, though. It accompanied us in arcade video games, old B-rated films, and legends such as Blade Runner. The Rise of the Synths is a music documentary by Iván Castello with the voice of John Carpenter, a world-famous director (The Thing), guiding us through and showcasing the greatest musicians and artists of the genre. Names such as Carpenter Brut, Power Glove, Perturbator and many more will introduce themselves surrounded by a neon glow. From where did they draw inspiration and what’s the reason the style is becoming increasingly popular across the cultural sector? Sit down comfortably, a great colourful and rhythmic ride that shook the music industry is about to begin.