Alien on Stage

    Original name
    Alien on Stage
    Lucy Harvey, Danielle Kummer
    Jason Hill, Lydia Hayward, Jacqui Roe, Susan Baird, Carolyn White, John Elliot, Mike Rustici, Scott Douglas, Penny Thorne, Dave Mitchell
    Great Britain
    Full HD
    English with Czech subtitles

    There’s no need to introduce Ridley Scott’s Alien as it’s one of the pivotal films of the science fiction genre that gained fans all over the world. One unusual group from England with a great love for the piece got a truly crazy idea – to produce an eponymous theatre play on a measly budget. What came to be is impossible to describe in words, you just have to see it!

    A captivating and entertaining documentary by director duo Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey follows the realization of the dramatic idea from the initial rehearsed readings and stage set design to the premiere in the West End Theatre in London. This documentary will prove that, sometimes, all you truly need is a sufficient portion of resourcefulness, to be a dedicated fan and, mainly, to have big enough courage to bring an insane idea to life!

    20.09.20:30 / Prague / Lucerna / Main room
    02.10.17:45 / Šumperk / Kino Oko
    09.10.18:00 / Košice / Kino Úsmev / Main room