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    Czech republic
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    If you think that domestic cinema is not very sci-fi oriented, this block will try to convince you otherwise. A series of short live-action and animated films brings dark visions of the future and glimpses into the bowels of giant anthills but all the shorts are united by an original authorial vision.


    Director Tomáš Krejčí

    Cast Theodor Besser, Tomáš Hadrbolec, Sára Besserová, Jana Javurkova, Erik Víšek

    Year 2022

    Runtime 13 min

    Země původu Czech republic

    Reports are coming in from all over the world that humanity is being attacked by an alien civilization. Inhabited areas in particular are being affected. People have decided to leave their homes and hide in the forests. Seven-year-old Theodor, who is left all alone, discovers what is behind humanity’s demise and faces the most difficult decision of his life.

    AJZBOŇÁK Director Jakub Vrbík, Patrik Balonek, Matěj Sláma Year 2020 Runtime 14 min

    Country Czech republic

    In a not-so-distant future in the rubble of a collapsed society, there survives a man dreaming of an ordinary life… or is it just an unfulfilled train dispatcher, longing for a life in a world of action?


    Director Vasco Viana Year 2020 Runtime 9 min

    A cosmic drifter receives a mysterious message on his radio as his ship heads towards collision with the Sun.

    ANT HILL Director Marek Náprstek Year 2020 Runtime 14 min

    The story of the end of humanity from the perspective of ants. Rebellious worker K99980335 longs for a different future. When her dream suddenly comes cruelly true, it’s too late to take it back.

    RAVEN Director Eva Doležalová Year 2020

    Runtime 11 min Tasked to create new DNA and bring about the rebirth of the Planet Earth. Ravens, the engineered executioners, were designed to rid humankind of its very nature – humans.

    CHRONOS Director Martin Kazimír Year  2015

    Runtime 11 min A troubled old businessman finds himself looking at the world upside down through a hotel room where time runs backwards. EPIZODA 11 Režie Viktor Svoboda Rok výroby 2019

    Runtime 9 min Space hero Hart is captured by evil robots. As a result, his son loses both his father and his right hand at the same time. Now he must save Hart from the mechanical clutches of the evil robots before it is too late.

    13.03.19:00 / Prague / Lucerna / Main room
    18.03.18:00 / Brno / Observatory
    23.03.17:00 / Pilsen / DEPO2015