Neill Blomkamp’s Short Films

    Neill Blomkamp
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    English with Czech subtitles
    OATS Studio

    In 2017, South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp founded the independent Oats Studio. The aim of the studio was to create a series of short experimental films that were made available for free on YouTube and other platforms. Based on viewer reactions, it was then decided which short films had the potential to become feature ones.

    These shorts feature famous faces (Sigourney Weaver, Sharlto Coplay, Dakota Fanning, etc.) and each of them is based on a very original and surprising premise. The film block will be introduced by the director Neill Blomkamp himself.

    After the screening, there will be a discussion about the specifics of creating short films and experiences in the film industry.

    Firebase Director: Neill Blomkamp Cast: Tyler Johnston, Robert Hobbs, Pat Mastroianni Year: 2017 Length: 27 min Origin: Canada

    The war in Vietnam is raging and both armies are counting their losses. However, each side has an ace up its sleeve. A unique living weapon. Is it a soldier, a science experiment… or something else entirely?

    Rakka Director: Neill Blomkamp Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Eugene Khumbanyiwa, Robert Hobbs, Carly Pope, Brandon Auret Year: 2017 Length: 22 min Origin: Canada

    Our planet has been colonized by a hostile alien race. Some of humanity is trying to resist, the rest are either enslaved or collaborating and serving the planet’s new ruler. But in the darkest of hours, hope shines the brightest!

    Zygote Director: Neill Blomkamp Cast: Dakota Fanning, Jose Pablo Cantillo Year: 2017 Length :23 min Origin: Canada

    A mining complex in the Arctic discovers a dangerous and deadly life form that has already consumed the entire crew. Except for the last two survivors who are not about to give up without a fight!

    17.09.16:30 / Prague / Lucerna / Main room