Short Sci-fi Films from iShorts

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    English with Czech subtitles

    The short-film programme brings futuristic visions of young Czech and international filmmakers. Via the short-film format, we will become participants in a space experiment, get stuck in a time loop, and will learn how to programme our ideal lovers in a dystopian setting. The thematically varied block that isn’t lacking in hyperboles and inspiration was made possible, as always, in cooperation with iShorts.


    Amor Labori Director: David Stejskal Cast: Milan Matyáš Deutsch, Anna Skladchikova, Veronika Bellová, Jan Parma, Tomáš Kucuk Year: 2020 Length: 10 min Origin: ČR

    Can robots fall in love with one another? It is possible for us to fall in love with a robot? In the future.

    Colour of Your Lips Director: Annick Blanc Cast: Alexis Lefebvre, Katia Lévesque Year: 2018 Length: 18 min Origin: Canada

    The air suddenly stopped to be breathable and the only survivors are a diver and a woman. Air reserves are slowly growing thin and it is vital to solve the question whether these two will fall in love or start a war.

    Being Human Director: Tomáš Krejčí Cast: Laura Besserová, Prokop Pršala Year: 2021 Length: 15 min Origin: Czech republic

    During a romantic horse ride, Laura and Prokop experience the apocalypse. After some time spent in a hiding place, their relationship is put to a difficult test when they have to travel the barren land, trying to survive.

    Episode 11 Director: Viktor Svoboda Cast: Marek Libert, Matěj Havelka Year: 2019 Length: 9 min Origin: Czech republic

    Space hero Hart is captured by enemy robots. His son loses both a father and the right arm during the attack. Now he has to rescue Hart from those metal clutches before it is too late. The eleventh episode of a sci-fi series that doesn’t exist (yet). An action adventure working with the concept of an expanded fictional universe with a striking colour stylization.

    Decommissioned Director: Josh Tanner Cast: David Normand, Joey Vieira Year: 2021 Length: 6 min Origin: Australia

    A horrifying anomaly will surprise an astronaut at an international space station.

    Loop Director: Stuart Langfield Cast: Michael J.Rogers, Valeriia Polishchuk, Tatenda Hatugari Year: 2021 Length: 13 min Origin: Canada

    We find ourselves somewhere in the first half of the 21st century. David Hilton, a retired director of a technological company, tries to teach artificial intelligence how to experience genuine human emotions.

    Zari Director: Courtney Marsh Cast: Laura Quesinberry Uchida, Chris Connell, William Joseph Hill Year: 2014 Length: 18 min Origin: USA

    In the near future, a landlady’s robot starts to adjust to the world around it.

    19.09.17:30 / Prague / Lucerna / Main room
    02.10.16:00 / Šumperk / Kino Oko
    10.10.18:00 / Košice / Kino Úsmev / Impulz