Student sci-fi film competition

    cca 90
    Czech republic
    Full HD
    English with Czech subtitles

    Last year’s student film competition attracted a great response and the quality of the films submitted surprised even the jury. The competition is thus becoming a tradition and you will find it in the festival programme this year as well.


    Director Lucie Vostárková

    School FAMU

    Year of production 2020

    Length 3:45 min

    A cyberpunk romp about everyday human dramas and struggles.


    Director Patrik Polák

    School Střední škola uměleckomanažerská

    Year of production 2021

    Length 28 min

    The captain of a spaceship wakes up in a life pod on an alien planet with no memory of what happened.


    Director Lukáš Vízner, Miriam Fulmeková

    School VŠMU

    Year of production 2021

    Length 24 min

    A post-apocalyptic vision of a world where the last standing cities are for sale and understanding is hard to find.

    The universe is too beautiful not to be experienced by someone

    Director Patrik Bałon

    School Ostravská univerzita

    Year of production 2021

    Length 19 min

    A meditative journey into the soul of the universe and a reflection on the impermanence of life.

    Malý orel

    Director Adam Kús

    School FAMO

    Year of production 2020

    Length 16:20 min

    The story of an astronaut who accidentally crash-lands on an unknown planet and tries to return home.

    09.03.21:00 / Prague / Lucerna / Small room
    12.03.13:00 / Prague / Lucerna / Small room
    15.03.20:15 / Brno / Art / Small room