The Phenomenon

    Original name
    The Phenomenon
    James Fox
    Peter Coyote, Chris Mellon, William T. Coleman, Kim Arnold, Christopher Pittman, Robert Friend
    Full HD
    English with Czech subtitles

    In this documentary directed by James Fox, we look at the history of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings in modern history. We will not only focus on the famous Roswell incident of 1947 but also, for example, on the 1966 event in which students from Westall High School in Australia were together to witness a saucer-shaped flying craft hovering. Unexplained sightings have occurred (and continue to occur) everywhere but perhaps the most bizarre event was to occur in Zimbabwe when in 1994 over sixty primary school pupils were subjected to an experience that they recall with amazement to this day. They were to witness what is known as a close encounter of the third kind – not only did they see a flying craft but they were even to be in direct contact with its crew… The documentary features high-ranking government and military officials, eyewitnesses, and investigators, not only through archival footage but also through specially recorded interviews.

    12.03.15:30 / Prague / Lucerna / Small room
    19.03.14:30 / Brno / Observatory
    26.03.16:45 / Šumperk / Kino Oko
    19.03.18:00 / Košice / Kino Tabačka
    24.03.17:00 / Pilsen / DEPO2015