The Sights of Space

    Original name
    The Sights of Space: A Voyage to Spectacular Alien Worlds
    John D. Boswell
    English with Czech subtitles

    The Universe is enormous, it never ceases to fascinate us, it is home to a huge number of diverse worlds, or exoplanets. We currently know of 5,500 of them, too far away to explore in detail. But that won’t stop us from taking an imaginary journey to see them, based on the latest current scientific findings!

    Our spaceship is called Navis III, and it will take you to any place in our galaxy where 200 billion stars can be found. First, we’ll head to the wildest planets yet discovered by humankind. These are worlds beyond our imagination – from planetary oases to hot gas giants with clouds of metal. This interstellar journey will give us a glimpse of just how deep nature’s imagination goes while opening the way for future pioneers who may one day make our second home in deep space. If you could visit any place in the galaxy, where would you go?

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