terry rawlingsKnown British film editor and sound editor Terry Rawlings will be a guest of the festival. He will open the festival in Prague and personally introduce one of his best films: Alien3 and Blade Runner.

Terry Rawlings (1933), whose full name is Terence John Rawlings, has worked on dozens of successful films. Among the most famous are the Alien (1979), Chariots of Fire (1981), for which he was nominated for an Oscar, Blade Runner (1982), Alien3 (1992) and  Golden Eye (1995). He has collaborated with such directors as Ridley Scott, Martin Campbell, Hugh Hudson, David Fincher or Joel Schumacher.

Originally, sound editor, whose versatility has recognized Ridley Scott and ask him to cut his first studio film. The Alien became a cult saga and their joint work continued on the films Blade Runner and Legend. When director David Fincher start the shooting of the third sequel of the Alien, he logically invited Terry Rawlings into his team, and upon completion he had for his work a frief tribute “Best editors are alchemists. They make pieces go together that should never work. I was very fortunate on my first movie to work with Terry. “During his career Terry was 5 times nominated for the British Academy of Film and Television and one Oscar. Last year he was awarded a BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award.

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