Přednáška Chipse Hardyho

CHIPS HARDY: Nástroje scenáristy pro budoucnost
Praha Galerie Lucerna 1. 2. od 13:00, zdarma. Přednáška bude probíhat v anglickém jazyce.
registrace e-mailem na hello@futuregate.cz

Na Future Gate 2020 přiletí britský scenárista Chips Hardy. Se svým synem Tomem Hardym stojí za úspěšným seriálem Taboo, a na Future Gate se zhostí role porotce v hlavní soutěži filmů. Vedle toho ale Hardy připravil i přednášku na téma „Dislokace a narušení; nástroje scenáristy pro budoucnost“. Přijďte si poslechnout profesionála, který vytvořil úspěšný seriál a aktuálně pracuje na scénáři k filmu Válka s Mloky dle knižní předlohy Karla Čapka.

Einstein believed that play is the highest form of research, a creative arena where we can freely experiment with the most important and disturbing aspects of our existence.

Chips Hardy will look at SciFi as filmic play; where we bend, break and rebuild the structures and rules that hold together our reality. He’ll propose that the rapid social and psychological changes brought on by technology, mean we have never had a richer or darker set of questions to explore about the future and freedom of our species.

Hardy will discuss how we process and play with current technological insecurities, through the screenwriter’s tools of dislocation and disruption. He’ll cover personal experiences, cultural transitions and convulsions, his work on the award-winning TV series ‘Taboo’ and his current foray into SciFi – writing the screenplay of Čapek’s dystopian masterpiece ‘War with the Newts’. In conclusion, he’ll suggest what inroads we can make towards truth through a healthy appetite for dysfunction and chaos.

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  1. Domenic Molinaro

    I’m excited about this talk! Technology feels like something we just begin to understand as it flies ahead once more, like we are caught in some machine and only know as much as we need to keep it running! I think we need to learn how to break the rules all over again so as to not fall prey to nostalgic traps and so forth, or „Hauntology“ as I’ve heard it called. Maybe technology can help with that? Or is that making a deal with the devil? I think the allure of technology is part of it’s terror…looking forward!


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