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Prague 26. 9. – 2. 10. 2023
Brno 3. – 8. 10. 2023
Pilsen 11. – 12. 10. 2023
Šumperk 13. – 14. 10. 2023
Košice 13. - 15. 2023
Hradec Králové 20. – 21. 10. 2023

Dear sci-fi fans,
This year, we will celebrate the 10th-anniversary edition of the Future Gate Sci-Fi Film Festival, which will take you on a grand guided tour across the galaxy!
Once again, a rich film and accompanying programme, international and domestic guests and much more await you.
We'll gradually reveal the full programme, so keep an eye on our website and social media so you don't miss any updates.
The whole Future Gate team is looking forward to seeing you!
P.s.: Do not forget the towels.

Filmová soutěž

Most kids grow out of their desire to become an astronaut but the reclusive Jim is still completely consumed by his lifelong dream. He builds his own rocket at a secret location but to complete the risky project, he must first learn to trust people and accept help.

The Astronaut

Prague 28.9. 20:30 Lucerna / Small room

Brno 6.10. 18:00 Observatory Brno

Hradec Králové 21.10. 18:00 Bio Central / Main room

British director Sophie Barthes' romantic sci-fi comedy The Pod Generation tells the story of New York couple Rachel (Emilia Clarke) and Alvy (Chiwetel Ejiofor). In a society madly in love with technology, everyone longs for an even more comfortable life. But there are some things that just inherently can't get more comfortable... or can they? Rachel and Alvy's wild journey to parenthood is just beginning.

The Pod Generation

Prague 26.9. 20:00 Lucerna / Main hall

Brno 5.10. 20:30 Art / Main hall

Šumperk 14.10. 17:30 Oko

Košice 15.10. 20:30 Úsmev / Main hall

Stubborn private investigator Aline and her android partner are trying to find a young hacker named June – but they're not the only ones. A French sci-fi noir animation that takes inspiration from classics like RoboCop and Ghost in the Shell.

Mars Express

Prague 30.9. 18:30 Lucerna / Main hall

Brno 4.10. 21:15 Art / Main hall

If Lynch and Cronenberg had a kid, it would probably look a bit like Divinity. A wild jumble of images that manages, in between brutal violence and exposed breasts, to be sharply critical of contemporary society.


Prague 1.10. 18:00 Lucerna / Main hall

Brno 7.10. 20:30 Observatory Brno

Mysterious symbols, sweltering L.A., two friends with cameras and a penchant for unraveling mysteries. A mystery thriller with sci-fi elements, Something in the Dirt is a quality slow burn, dissecting the psyches of conspiracy theory aficionados.

Something in the Dirt

Prague 27.9. 18:30 Lucerna / Small hall

Brno 4.10. 17:45 Art / Small hall

In a world where people in their fifties have to be turned into trees to prevent humanity from dying out, psychologist Stefan desperately tries to save the woman he loves from death. Hungarian science fiction that attracts mainly with its original theme.

White Plastic Sky

Prague 29.9. 18:30 Lucerna / Main hall

Brno 8.10. 17:30 Observatory Brno

Pilsen 12.10. 18:30 DEPO2015 / Klempírna

Šumperk 13.10. 20:00 Oko

Košice 14.10. 18:00 Úsmev / Impulz

Legendy žánru

Zvláštní uvedení

In a world where it is possible to bring the dead back to life, a young detective solves the mysterious murder of a prominent couple. The debated Czech science fiction piece proves that there is still hope for the domestic genre scene.

Restore Point

Prague 27.9. 18:00 Lucerna / Main hall

Brno 7.10. 18:00 Observatory Brno

Pilsen 11.10. 18:30 DEPO2015 / Klempírna

Košice 14.10. 20:30 Úsmev / Main hall

A post-apocalyptic thriller by Gareth Edwards (Star Wars director) set in the era of human-AI war.

The Creator

Prague 27.9. 21:00 Lucerna / Main hall

Brno 4.10. 17:00 Art / Main hall

Košice 13.10. 20:30 Úsmev / Main room

When the manic Dr Robotnik returns to Earth with a new ally, Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic and his new friend Tails is all that stands in their way.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Prague 28.9. 14:00 Lucerna / Main hall

Brno 7.10. 15:30 Observatory Brno

A plumber named Mario travels through an underground labyrinth with his brother, Luigi, trying to save a captured princess.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Prague 30.9. 13:30 Lucerna / Gallery

Brno 8.10. 15:30 Observatory Brno

Šumperk 14.10. 15:30 Oko

A live-action short movie within the Starship Troopers universe. Meet new types of Arachnids, faced with new enemies, follow a small squad of the Mobile Infantry to protect the Earth. One special mission of the Mobile Infantry.

Starship Troopers Deadlock

Prague 30.9. 23:59 Lucerna / Gallery - free

Do you like surprises? Do you trust cinema programmers to surprise you?

Blind Date Future Gate

Hradec Králové 20.10. 21:30 Bio Central / Main hall

Krátké filmy


A nostalgic journey through 80s sci-fi films, exploring their impact and relevance today, told by the artists who made them and by those who were inspired to turn their visions into reality.

In Search of Tomorrow

Prague 30.9. 18:30 Lucerna / Gallery

Brno 3.10. 20:45 Art / Small hall

This interstellar journey will give us a glimpse of just how deep nature's imagination goes while opening the way for future pioneers who may one day make our second home in deep space.

The Sights of Space

Prague 30.9. 17:00 Lucerna / Gallery

Brno 3.10. 19:15 Art / Small hall

Brno 5.10. 17:00 Art / Small hall

Pilsen 12.10. 17:00 DEPO2015 / Klempírna

Košice 15.10. 18:00 Úsmev / Impulz

Social isolation affects millions of people, even Mars-bound astronauts. A savvy NASA psychologist is tasked with protecting these daring explorers.

The Longest Goodbye

Prague 2.10. 18:00 Lucerna / Small hall

Brno 3.10. 20:45 Art / Small hall

William Shatner as you've never seen him before. You Can Call Me Bill is an honest and open documentary featuring the science fiction icon as more than just Captain Kirk. The result is an engrossing spectacle that will appeal to more than just Star Trek fans.

You Can Call Me Bill

Prague 28.9. 18:30 Lucerna / Main hall

Brno 4.10. 19:30 Art / Main hall

Beyond Tomorrow is a documentary about the life of one of the greatest space artists of the 20th century, Roy Scarfo. Scarfe's myriad works have fired (and continue to fire) the imaginations of millions of people around the world about what space exploration and our lives in it might look like.

Beyond Tomorrow

Prague 1.10. 16:00 Lucerna / Small hall

Brno 4.10. 20:30 Art / Small hall


Festival Jury

Jana Plodková

has been acting, singing and dancing since the age of 12. After studying at the JAMU, she gained engagements at the Polárka and Na Fidlovačce theatres and also at HaDivadlo, where she was noticed by casting director Kateřina Oujezdská. Her first feature film was the Danish drama Prag where she starred alongside Mads Mikkelsen. This was followed by the comedy Vratné lahve (Empties) by Jan Svěrák and the period film Protektor, for which she won the Czech Lion Award in the Best Actress category. Her film career then took off and Jana became one of the most frequently cast Czech actresses.

Leoš Kyša

is a writer and former journalist. His alter ego, František Kotleta, regularly tops the best-selling book charts and is among the absolute top in domestic fiction. He is also currently the host of the podcast Jadrná věda, which is aimed at popularising serious scientific topics with guests from the ranks of scientists and publicists.

Lucia Kajánková

is a screenwriter, director, dramaturge, festival programme director and university lecturer at FAMU. Her web series TBH on ČT (Czech Television) was praised as "the first real teen & queer series" in the Czech Republic and won awards at domestic and international festivals (Serial Killer, Finale Plzeň, Main Jury Prize in Marseille). She is currently working on her feature debut, the pre-apocalyptic queer road movie Porcelina. She likes swimming pools and pictures of owls in the wilderness. Lucia lives in Prague with her dachshund Leoš.


Michael Ironside

  • Prague Lucerna | Main hall 26.9. 20:00 | award for contribution to the science fiction genre
  • Praha Lucerna | Main hall 30.9. 20:30 | Starship Troopers Q&A
  • Prague Lucerna | Main hall 1.10. 20:00 | Scanners Q&A
  • Brno Art | Main hall 3.10. 18:00 | Starship Troopers Q&A
  • Brno Art | Main hall 3.10. 21:00 | Scanners Q&A

Michael Ironside has made a strong and indelible impression over the years with his often incredibly intense and explosive portrayals of villains. He was born Frederick Reginald Ironside on February 12, 1950, in Toronto, Canada. Ironside first began acting in films in the late 1970s. He gained recognition for his role as Darryl Revok in director David Cronenberg's Scanners (1981). Subsequently, another charismatic role followed another. Among the most famous ones are V (1983), Top Gun (1986) and Highlander 2 (1991). Collaboration with director Paul Verhoeven was also a success and Ironside appeared in two of his entertaining science fiction feature films. As the villainous Richter in Total Recall (1990) and as the tough Lieutenant Jean Rasczak in Starship Troopers (1997). Ironside showed his softer and more suggestive side with his moving performance as a convict who befriends a disabled man in the drama Chaindance (1990); he also co-wrote the screenplay and executive produced the film. He has starred in a large number of TV series, including SeaQuest DSV (1993), Walker, Texas Ranger (1993), ER (1995), The Outer Limits (1997), Andromeda (2000), Desperate Housewives (2004), Stargate (2006), Patient Seven (2018) and Barry (2022). Ironside's most recent film is a Canadian drama about the creation of the BlackBerry mobile phone (2023). In addition to his significant film and television work, Ironside has lent his distinctive deep voice to television commercials and video games.


director of The Astronaut
  • Prague Lucerna | Main hall 28.9. 20:30 | Q&A

The talented and versatile Nicolas Giraud (born 1978) is a French actor, director and screenwriter. As an actor, he has played roles in the blockbuster 96 Hours (2008, directed by Pierre Morel), the romantic drama What the Day Owes the Night (2012, directed by Alexandre Arcady) and the drama Letters from the Front (2017, directed by Xavier Beauvois). Nicolas is also a director; Astronaut is his second feature film. His short film Weaknesses was awarded at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.


artist, guest of the talk Czech Republic in Space
  • Prague Lucerna | Main hall 26.9. 18:00 | talk

Yemi Akinyemi Dele (born 1981) is a world-renowned Czech choreographer, actor, visual artist, art director, performer, influencer and entrepreneur. He was selected out of 1 million candidates to be a member of the crew of dearMoon – the first civilian space journey around the moon, organized by Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa with SpaceX. Yemi will undergo special training for the newly developed Starship, which is the most powerful spacecraft ever built and is currently still under development.


pilot, guest of the talk Czech Republic in Space
  • Prague Lucerna | Main hall 26.9. 18:00 | talk

Aleš Svoboda (born 1986) is a Czech fighter pilot, Captain in the Czech Army. He serves at the 21st Tactical Air Force Base in Čáslav, where he flies the JAS-39 Gripen aircraft. In November 2022, he succeeded in the European Space Agency selection process and became a member of the astronaut reserve team. He succeeded among more than 22,500 applicants. He is the first astronaut of the independent Czech Republic.

10. anniversary

Dear science fiction fans,

welcome to the Future Fate Sci-fi Film Festival where for the past ten years, we've been looking into fictional worlds depicted on the silver screen. For this anniversary edition, we have prepared a theme that is absolutely crucial to science fiction. Perhaps even defining. Who among us wouldn't want to "go to infinity and beyond" or "boldly go where no one has gone before"? Yes, you guessed it, this year's theme is the colonisation of space, and we have a carefully curated programme of films that will offer you not only fantastic adventures in unknown galaxies but also a deeper look at human nature and our place in the universe.

The stars and the vastness of the universe have fascinated humankind since time immemorial. Stargazing led to the development of astronomy, the concept of time, the emergence of rational thought and the first civilisations. We have never stopped looking at the stars but are always looking for new ways to do so. And with them come new discoveries. Relic radiation, quasars, pulsars, gravitational waves and so on... The more we know about the stars, the more we long to see them.

Perhaps it's the nomadic nature of the African savannah hunters, the innate desire to discover. Sadly, we now know that visiting the nearest star won't be possible for hundreds of years, if ever. Even the colonisation of our solar system will take many decades.

Either way, we know that our home is just one of many planets in the universe. What would happen if we left our proverbial pale blue dot and set off for new adventures? What secrets of the universe would we discover? And how would these new experiences affect our society and ourselves? Would the colonists on the new worlds still remain human or would they become an entirely new species unrecognisable from ourselves?

And what if we met another intelligent species. The result of alien evolution. It would certainly shatter our idea of ourselves and our place in the universe.

At Future Gate this year, you will enjoy films that make us want to explore new territories and test the limits of human possibilities. In addition to the six new competition releases, you can expect three legends, five documentaries, two children's films, two special screenings and short films. Of course, there will also be an accompanying programme of talks, lectures and more. Be sure to read the programme so you don't miss anything interesting. And there is plenty this year!

Get ready for an unforgettable experience and enter the world of space travel, colonisation and extraterrestrial civilizations. Join us for the tenth edition of the Future Gate Sci-Fi Film Festival. Join us on a journey beyond our cosmic home. Prepare to cross the frontier of experience from which there is no return. We look forward to seeing you!

Ticket Info


1. Pub quiz: 60 CZK
2. iShorts, Student sci-fi films competition: 120 CZK

1. FUTUREPASS | 1 000 CZK: Access to the film programme in main rooms of the venues, not to small rooms or for concerts and pub quizzes. You will also receive a small present during the festival at festival stand.
2. FUTURE ID | 1 500 CZK: Support the festival! Same rules as for FuturePass but you will not receive only the present but also festival T-shirt.

Films will be screened in original versions with Czech subtitles. NonEnglish spoken films will be screened with both Czech and English subtitles.

The program with Czech guests will only be in the Czech language, the program with foreign guests will only be in English.

1. Films Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be only in Czech dubbed versnion.
2. In Search of Tomorrow in English without Czech subtitles.

Future ID

  • Festival accreditation.
  • Access to the film programme in main rooms of the venues.Support the festival.
  • You will also receive a small present and also festival T-shirt during the festival at festival stand.
  • You can buy one at the cinema box office in Lucerna (Prague) and Cinema Art (Brno).

Access to the film programme in main rooms of the venues, not to small rooms or for concerts and pub quizzes.

1.500 Kč

Future Pass

  • Festival accreditation.
  • Access to the film programme in main rooms of the venues.
  • You will also receive a small present.
  • You can buy one at the cinema box office.

Access to the film programme in main rooms of the venues, not to small rooms or for concerts and pub quizzes. You will also receive a small present during the festival at festival stand.

1.000 Kč

About the festival

Future Gate is the largest festival of science fiction film and culture in Central Europe.
Over the nine years of its existence, the festival has built a strong audience base of not only film lovers but also fans of science and future technologies.
Thousands of people regularly visit each year's events.
Every year the festival invites distinguished guests from abroad and interesting local personalities from the world of film and science.
The aim of the festival is not only to entertain the audience but also to provide them with an original experience of meeting the filmmakers and to educate them at lectures in the areas of modern technology, while at the same time highlighting current topics that are shaping the world.
The film programme features premieres of the latest titles, complemented by genre legends, documentaries, series marathons, and student and short films. The mainstay of the festival is an international competition of feature films premiered in the Czech Republic.

In nine years, the festival t has been at מּended by over 35,000 spectators, making it the largest science fiction film festival in Central Europe. The festival takes place in cities Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Hradec Králové, Šumperk and Košice.
Future Gate has been ranked among the top 100 genre festivals in the world, won the main European award for the best sci- festival in the EU in 2012, and has partnered with international festivals such as Sitges or Slash!.
Distinguished international guests include: Neill Blomkamp (director: District 9, Elysium), Chips Hardy (writer: Taboo, War with the Newts), Norman Love (actor: Red Dwarf), Terry Rawlings (editor: Blade Runner, Alien, GoldenEye), Kurt van der Basch (storyboardist: Star Wars, Jurrasic Park), Jozef van Wissem (Cannes Grand Prix winner for the soundtrack of Only Lovers Survive), Phil Tippe (director: Mad God, Oscar winner for visual effects: Star Wars, Jurrasic Park), Takahide Hori (director: Junk Head) and many many others.
Some of the filmmakers, scientists and inspirational people from the Czech Republic who also made an appearance: Jaroslav Petr, Csc. (biologist), Ing. Petr, Prof. Petr, Mgr. Jan Romportl, Ph.D. (philosopher), Mgr. Jakub Rozehnal (Director of the Prague Observatory and Planetarium), Ondřej (novelist), Jindřich Šídlo (journalist), Officer of the General of the Army of the Czech Republic Col. Otakar Foltýn, Andrea Slováková (filmmaker, dean of FAMU), artists Vlasta Toman and Jonáš Ledecký, Tomáš Baldýnský (screenwriter: Kosmo series), film critic Kamil Fila, scientist Jan Lukačevič and many others.

Festival Team

Marketing, partners

Anikó Puchálková
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Petr Kratochvíl

Festival Thanks

Tomáš Müller, Vladana Brouková, Zita Adamová, Marko Veselinović, Jakub Klíma, Tomáš Krejčí, Jonáš Ledecký, Michal Suchánek, Zdena Koryntová, Martin Vinš, Ondřej Filgas, Martin Vodička, Viktor Tesařík, Tereza Bartůňková, Bedřich Němec, Zuzana Václavová, Jiří Dušek, Milan Šimánek, Barbora Suchyňová, Jana Glocarová, Kristína Malíková, Kamil Navrátil, Berberich Lukáš, Slavomíra Macáková, Martin Štefan.


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