The ninth Future Gate Festival is looking for traces of aliens on Earth

The biggest Czech festival of sci-fi films and culture, Future Gate, will start the Prague part of the festival in the Lucerna cinema on March 9 and then move to Brno. In addition to the main film competition, genre legends and documentaries, the student film competition will once again bring. The theme of the festival is extraterrestrial life on planet Earth. The festival is looking for an answer to the question of whether we are alone in space. Echoes of the Future Gate will take place in Šumperk, Košice and Pilsen.

Filmová soutěž

Švankmajer laced with Sexmission. This Japanese animated film takes viewers on an adventurous journey into an underground realm of clones and fungi that look remarkably like penises.

Junk Head

Prague 10.3. 21:00 Lucerna / Main room

Brno 17.3. 20:30 Kino Art / Main room

This Afrofuturist musical with ingenious sets and magical atmosphere criticizes capitalism and racism and tackles current queer issues against the backdrop of the great love between two young people.

Neptune Frost

Prague 11.3. 18:30 Lucerna / Small room

Brno 16.3. 20:30 Kino Art / Main room

A young scientist agrees to participate in a secret government project. Little does she know that part of her work will involve observing an alien parasite that leaves its host's body every night.


Prague 12.3. 18:15 Lucerna / Main room

Brno 16.3. 18:00 Kino Art / Main room

Košice 19.3. 20:00 Tabačka

Pilsen 23.3. 18:45 DEPO2015 / Klempírna

Šumperk 25.3. 20:00 Kino Oko

Trick legend Phil Tippett and his life's work. Mad God has been thirty years in the making to offer fans of classic animation a unique, if somewhat bizarre, viewing experience.

Mad God

Prague 11.3. 21:00 Lucerna / Main room

Brno 15.3. 20:30 Kino Art / Main room

Wes Anderson with an Asian flair. This moving film about loneliness, old age and the power of modern technology will captivate viewers with its art but also with its timeless message.

Tiong Bahru Social Club

Prague 9.3. 18:30 Lucerna / Main room (festival opening)

Brno 15.3. 18:00 Kino Art / Main room

Košice 18.3. 18:00 Tabačka

Šumperk 23.3. 20:00 Kino Oko

Legendy žánru

Zvláštní uvedení

Krátké filmy


In this new documentary directed by James Fox, we look at the history of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings in modern history.

The Phenomenon

Prague 12.3. 15:30 Lucerna / Small room

Brno 19.3. 14:30 Observatory

Taking us behind the scenes with NASAs high-stakes Webb Space Telescope, The Hunt for Planet B follows a pioneering group of scientists – many of them women – on their quest to find another Earth among the stars.

The Hunt for Planet B

Prague 10.3. 18:15 Lucerna / Small room

Brno 20.3. 16:15 Observatory

Do you like arcades? What's your longest gaming streak? Kim Cannon Arm plans to break his own record by playing 100 hours straight (four days!).

Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest

Prague 14.3. 18:15 Lucerna / Small room

Brno 16.3. 20:15 Kino Art / Small room

Accept our invitation to the third part of the documentary miniseries, which will once again take you to the futuristic environment of cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk: Golden Age

Prague 13.3. 16:45 Lucerna / Small room

Brno 17.3. 20:15 Kino Art / Small room

Košice 20.3. 17:30 Tabačka

Rael met the aliens and they named him the last prophet. He became the founder and leader of the world's largest UFO religion.

The Prophet and the Space Aliens

Prague 10.3. 20:45 Lucerna / Small room

Brno 17.3. 17:45 Kino Art / Small room

The various testimonies of alleged encounters with extraterrestrials have long been labelled as unreliable. But many people still believe that UFOs definitely exist.

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified

Prague 12.3. 19:00 Lucerna / Gallery - Admission free

Join us on a journey through breathtaking animations to solve one of the biggest questions of our time. Are we alone?

Life Beyond

Prague 13.3. 14:00 Lucerna / Small room

Brno 20.3. 13:30 Observatory

Complete programme

Festival Jury

An international three-member jury will select the winning film from 5 in competition. They will surprise you with their diversity and artistic originality: Junk Head, Neptune Frost, Sputnik, Mad God, a Tiong Bahru Social Club.
The jury will also decide on the best student sci-fi films. The members of the jury are science fiction writer and journalist Ondřej Neff, journalist and lecturer at the Audiovisual Production Studio at UTB in Zlín Jana Bebarová and Australian filmmaker and journalist Ryan Keating-Lambert. The awards are thematically produced by the 3D printing company Prusa Research.

Ondřej Neff

Ondřej Neff is a Czech science fiction writer and freelance journalist, publisher of the online diaries Neviditelný pes (founded 1996) and DigiNeff (about digital photography, 1999). Neff's latest book is Ultimus, a novel set in a prison on the other side of the moon. He appeared as an actor in the legendary Czech horror film by director Marek Dobeš, Choking Hazard.

Jana Bébarová

Jana Bébarová loves discovering films and enjoys thinking about them and debating them not only with students from the Zlín Studio of Audiovisual Production at the FMK UTB where she works but also with visitors of the Noir Film Festival, which she has been organising and dramaturging for ten years. When she gets carried away, she also writes about film – most often on the pages of the magazine 25fps, of which she is the editor-in-chief.

Ryan Keating

Ryan ‘Movie Barf’ Keating is a screen studies and journalism graduate from Australia who’s been working as a film journalist and blogger in Prague, Czech Republic for the last 6 years. He regularly curates and presents weekly film screenings in Prague’s Edison Filmhub, and is a budding screenwriter and filmmaker, who is currently finishing his first horror short.

Main Guests

Tan Bee Thiam

Director of Tiong Bahru Social Club
  • Praha Lucerna / Main screening hall 9.3. 18:30 Tiong Bahru Social Club / zahájení festivalu
  • Brno Kino Art / Main screening hall 15.3. 18:00 Tiong Bahru Social Club / Q&A

Tan Bee Thiam is a filmmaker and educator. He directed short film Kopi Julia (Sharjah Biennale 2013) and co-directed Fundamentally Happy (Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2015), a film adaptation of the 2006 award-winning play by Haresh Sharma and Alvin Tan and was shot by Christopher Doyle. His debut solo feature Tiong Bahru Social Club was the Opening Film of the Singapore International Film Festival 2020 and won the Roger & Julie Corman award at the 19th Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature at Guam International Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize at the 38th Los Angeles Asia-Pacific Film Festival. An alumnus of Berlinale Talents and Rotterdam Lab, he produced Daniel Hui’s Demons (2019), Snakeskin (2015), and Eclipses (2013); Lei Yuan Bin’s 03-FLATS (2014) and White Days (2009); Liao Jiekai’s As You Were (2014) and Red Dragonflies (2010); and Yeo Siew Hua’s In the House of Straw (2009).

Lei Yuan Bin

Tiong Bahru Social Club cinematographer and editor
  • Prague Lucerna / Main screening hall 9.3. 18:30 Tiong Bahru Social Club / festival opening
  • Brno Kino Art / Main screening hall 15.3. 18:00 Tiong Bahru Social Club / Q&A

Lei Yuan Bin (Looi Wan Ping) is a founding member of film collective 13 Little Pictures. Lei directed, shot and edited White Days, 03-FLATS, A Dance for Ren Hang (short film), and I Dream of Singapore (Berlinale Panorama 2020). He co-directed Fundamentally Happy with Tan Bee Thiam. A Berlinale Talents 2016 alumnus, Lei shot and edited Tan's Tiong Bahru Social Club, and was the Director of Photography for Daniel Hui’s Demons and Liao Jiekaiʼs Red Dragonflies and As You Were.

Closer than you think

Dear viewers,

welcome to the ninth annual Future Gate Science Fiction Film Festival!

With this year's theme, "Aliens Among Us", we leave the cycle of topics dealing with the near future and return to the realm of pure science fiction. So, are they among us?

Some of you may have heard of the Drake equation and the Fermi paradox. The former is originally a thought experiment from 1961. Physicist Frank Drake created a multivariable equation that implies the probability of humanity encountering aliens. Unknown at the time were a number of facts that the equation must account for, such as the number of stars in the galaxy, the number of habitable planets, and so on. Today we have much more accurate data, and even if the result is only approximate, one thing is clear – we should see them. There are thousands of planets in our galaxy on which intelligent life could have evolved, had billions of years to do so, but we find no evidence of its existence. And that is the Fermi paradox.

There is a number of answers: maybe they are already here, we just don't see them. The asteroid belt could well be hiding an inactive probe the size of Prague that wakes up once every million years and then goes back to sleep. Or they are hiding as fans of Ashtar Sheran or Men in Black would claim. For some it may be an appealing idea, for others a terrifying one. The religion of the Pleiadians and many other obscure cults are clear about this – they are here, and when the apocalypse comes, they will take the chosen ones into their ships. The conspirators are also clear – the CIA and KGB have long been studying their corpses and flying saucers and trying to create technology based on theirs. If only. So it's clear that aliens on planet Earth are our theme for this year.

Maybe we're just going past them in the infinite universe or not looking long enough or well enough. After all, the electromagnetic emission bubble around the Earth is some 85 light years across but contains only a few dozen or hundreds of stars. Perhaps some life forms have successfully destroyed themselves, as we can observe among our own kind, or have decided that colonizing space is highly uneconomical and benefits no one. Either way, perhaps we should be glad. We ourselves are not a good example of being nice to less advanced civilizations. Plus, films about space invasions are very optimistic. In War of the Worlds or Independence Day, we get invaded by a civilization a few hundred years ahead of us. In reality, however, aliens who would arrive from a place tens of light years away would be thousands of years ahead of us and we wouldn't stand a chance. As A. C. Clarke said, "There are two possibilities: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying."

This year, we'll be offering a range of perspectives from terrifying invasions to hilarious comedies to documentaries about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It's definitely something to look forward to.

Ticket Info


1. Pub quiz: 60 CZK
2. iShorts, Student sci-fi films competition, The X-Files (film): 100 CZK

1. FUTUREPASS | 900 CZK: Access to the film programme in main rooms of the venues, not to small rooms or for concerts and pub quizzes. You will also receive a small present during the festival at festival stand.
2. FUTURE ID | 1400 CZK: Support the festival! Same rules as for FuturePass but you will not receive only the present but also festival T-shirt.

Films will be screened in original versions with Czech subtitles. NonEnglish spoken films will be screened with both Czech and English subtitles.

1. Film Belle will be only in Japanese language with Czech subtitles
2. Film Ron's Gone Wrong will be in Czech version
3. Accompanied programme with Czech guests is only in Czech language.

Future ID

  • Festival accreditation
  • Access to the film programme in main rooms of the venues. Support the festival.
  • You will also receive a small present and also festival T-shirt during the festival at festival stand.
  • You can buy one at the cinema box office in Lucerna (Prague) and Cinema Art (Brno).

Access to the film programme in main rooms of the venues, not to small rooms or for concerts and pub quizzes.

1.400 Kč

Future Pass

  • Festival accreditation
  • Access to the film programme in main rooms of the venues.
  • You will also receive a small present.
  • You can buy one at the cinema box office.

Access to the film programme in main rooms of the venues, not to small rooms or for concerts and pub quizzes. You will also receive a small present during the festival at festival stand.

900 Kč

About Organizer

The sci-fi film festival is organized by NGO Future Gate. It aims to monitor news from the world of science fiction and share them with sci-fi fans and public on regular basis.
Our goal is to set-up theme events based on science fiction films and future technologies. It could be special projections, lectures, talks and workshops.

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