Prague | Bio Oko 26.-28.1.2024

Experience the cinematic magic of the second year of the KINOMIXER genre films festival. In Prague's Bio Oko cinema, exciting horrors, charming fantasy and stunning science fiction await you on January 26-28. KINOMIXER guarantees a captivating cinematic odyssey that will open your mind.

Tickets for Kinomixér films are already on sale at the Bio Oko box office or online for CZK 160.
Students and seniors CZK 140.
The films will be shown in their original version with Czech and English subtitles.

We are very grateful to the Prague 7 district for the financial support of the event.
Future Gate Sci-fi Film Festival 2024 will take place in September and October 2024.


Don't be a zombophobe! Canadian creative trio RKSS' new film presents a world where the undead don't gorge on the brains of the living but simply coexist with them. A clever idea, a deadly cadence of jokes, and an excellent soundtrack guarantee an easygoing, yet quality spectacle for fans of the zombie subgenre and beyond.

We Are Zombies

Prague 26.1. 19:00 Bio Oko

This year's selection from iShorts, in line with Kinomixer's spirit, focuses on the genre of science fiction, horror and fantasy, including their imaginative fusions. We focused primarily on European titles and their thematic and formal diversity.

iShorts: Short Genre Films

Praha 26.1. 21:00 Bio Oko

The Argentinian successor to the cult classic It Follows. Demián Rugna's horror film about a quietly lurking, absolute evil combines the oppressive atmosphere of an intimate narrative with extreme brutality that can rattle even seasoned genre fans.

When Evil Lurks

Prague 27.1. 20:30 Bio Oko

A lonely dog builds himself a robot friend but shortly afterwards, they unexpectedly have to say goodbye. They go their separate ways and it is not at all certain they will meet again at the end of the journey. Based on a graphic novel, the film tells a touching story about loneliness and the power of friendship that works even in the absence of words.

Robot Dreams

Prague 28.1. 18:00 Bio Oko

Stubborn private investigator Aline and her android partner are trying to find a young hacker named June – but they're not the only ones. A French sci-fi noir animation that takes inspiration from classics like RoboCop and Ghost in the Shell.

Mars Express

Prague 28.1. 20:00 Bio Oko


About the festival

Future Gate is the largest festival of science fiction film and culture in Central Europe.
Over the nine years of its existence, the festival has built a strong audience base of not only film lovers but also fans of science and future technologies.
Thousands of people regularly visit each year's events.
Every year the festival invites distinguished guests from abroad and interesting local personalities from the world of film and science.
The aim of the festival is not only to entertain the audience but also to provide them with an original experience of meeting the filmmakers and to educate them at lectures in the areas of modern technology, while at the same time highlighting current topics that are shaping the world.
The film programme features premieres of the latest titles, complemented by genre legends, documentaries, series marathons, and student and short films. The mainstay of the festival is an international competition of feature films premiered in the Czech Republic.

In nine years, the festival t has been at מּended by over 35,000 spectators, making it the largest science fiction film festival in Central Europe. The festival takes place in cities Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Hradec Králové, Šumperk and Košice.
Future Gate has been ranked among the top 100 genre festivals in the world, won the main European award for the best sci- festival in the EU in 2012, and has partnered with international festivals such as Sitges or Slash!.
Distinguished international guests include: Neill Blomkamp (director: District 9, Elysium), Chips Hardy (writer: Taboo, War with the Newts), Norman Love (actor: Red Dwarf), Terry Rawlings (editor: Blade Runner, Alien, GoldenEye), Kurt van der Basch (storyboardist: Star Wars, Jurrasic Park), Jozef van Wissem (Cannes Grand Prix winner for the soundtrack of Only Lovers Survive), Phil Tippe (director: Mad God, Oscar winner for visual effects: Star Wars, Jurrasic Park), Takahide Hori (director: Junk Head) and many many others.
Some of the filmmakers, scientists and inspirational people from the Czech Republic who also made an appearance: Jaroslav Petr, Csc. (biologist), Ing. Petr, Prof. Petr, Mgr. Jan Romportl, Ph.D. (philosopher), Mgr. Jakub Rozehnal (Director of the Prague Observatory and Planetarium), Ondřej (novelist), Jindřich Šídlo (journalist), Officer of the General of the Army of the Czech Republic Col. Otakar Foltýn, Andrea Slováková (filmmaker, dean of FAMU), artists Vlasta Toman and Jonáš Ledecký, Tomáš Baldýnský (screenwriter: Kosmo series), film critic Kamil Fila, scientist Jan Lukačevič and many others.

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