You can buy festival accreditations at the cinema box office in Lucerna (Prague) and Art (Brno). There are 2 choices of accreditation: Future Pass: Access to the film programme in main rooms of the venues, not to small rooms or for concerts and pub quizzes. You will also receive a small present during the festival at festival stand. /Price is 900 CZK. Future ID: Support the festival! Same rules as for FuturePass but you will not receive only the present but also festival T-shirt. Price is 1400 CZK.

Seating Lucerna and Kino Art is free. In Brno Observatory for festival accreditations holders is reserved best seats in middle of the row number 6.


Neill Blomkamp Director District 9, Elysium a Demonik

  • Prague Lucerna / Main room 15.9. 21:00 District 9 + Q&A
  • Prague Lucerna / Main room 16.9. 21:00 Demonik + Q&A
  • Prague Lucerna / Main room 17.9. 16:30 Neill Blomkamp’s short films + Q&A
  • Prague Lucerna / Main room 17.9. 21:00 Elysium + Q&A

South African born writer-director Neill Blomkamp moved to Canada at the age of 18, beginning his career as a visual effects artist in film and television. He is best known as the co-writer and director of District 9 (2009), Elysium (2013), Chappie (2015) and his latest feature film Demonic (2021). Since 2015 he has been developing experimental films for his independent studio, Oats Studios. The most notable works include Rakka (2017), Firebase (2017) and Zygote (2017).


An international jury of three will select the best film from 5 genre-diverse films: DEMONIC, LAPSIS, PAUL W.R.S’ LAST JOURNEY, UNDERGODS and IN THE SHADOWS. The jury will also decide on the best student science fiction films.


The members are storyboarder Kurt van der Basch, dramaturge and director of the Aero cinema Jiří Flígl and scientist Jan Lukačevič. Viewers will vote for the Audience Award winner. The awards are thematically produced by the Prusa Research 3D printing company.