What awaits you today at the pre-premiere of Dune?

Long live the warriors!

Today there will be a spectacular preview of the expected film DUNA: PART TWO!

What awaits you today:

– 18:00 – 20:30 There will be Microsoft Flight Simulator – Dune Expansion in the Lucerna passage, where you will sit in the “cockpit” of the famous ornithopter, and the Future Gate stand will be opened in the cafe with the best goods in the galaxy.

– 18:30 Registration for the pub quiz for valuable prizes in the Lucerna cafe, come on time, capacity is limited.

– 19:00 Start of the pub quiz.

– 20:15 We open the entrance to the big and small hall and the first 30 of you will receive a movie poster.

– 20:30 We fly to the planet Arrakis.

Since it’s a long flight and Arrakis is an arid planet, a themed gift awaits you when you leave the hall – water!

We look forward to you!


We regret to inform you that Dune: Part Two is not 100% English friendly. The Fremen language is translated only into Czech subtitles.


Advance ticket sales for the special preview of Dune: Part Two began today. The screening will take place on February 28 at the Lucerna cinema in Prague from 8:30 p.m. The screening will be preceded from 19:00 by a competitive pub quiz for super prizes. Tickets are not required for the pub quiz.

  • You can buy tickets online here.

DUNE: PART TWO | preview in Lucerne

The spices must flow!

▶️ preview on February 28 at the Lucerna cinema 🎟️ advance ticket sales from February 1

Dear science fiction fans, one of the most anticipated sci-fi films of this year is coming to cinemas… DUNA: The Second Part! The first part from 2021 has already become a cult film and we firmly believe that director Denis Villeneuve will not disappoint this time either. We return to the harsh planet of Arrakis, which has once again been ruled by the cruel rule of the Harkonnen family. But there is a young Paul Atreides who, together with the local Fremen, leads the resistance for the liberation of the planet. An action-packed sequel with an all-star cast (Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Javier Bardem, Stellan Skarsgård, Dave Bautista, Josh Brolin, Christopher Walken and more) with breathtaking visuals.

Future Gate cannot miss such an event, which is why we invite you to the Lucerna cinema on February 28 for a preview. More information coming soon.

The finale of the Kinomixér festival

We have the last day of the festival and Sunday is dedicated to animated creation. From 6:00 p.m., a beautiful story for young and old audiences awaits you about a very interesting friendship, which the movie Robot Dreams will tell you more about. And from 8:00 p.m., anime fans can enjoy the first-class cyberpunk noir detective film from France, Mars Express. It didn’t just get the 88% rating on ČSFD and 7.7 on IMDB, but you’ll see for yourself.

Kinomixer’s Saturday program

When Evil Lurks is definitely one of those horror films that caught the attention of juries at prestigious film festivals and provided that properly demonic chill down the spine 😈.

You can see this Argentinian gore horror today from 20:30.

In addition, after the screening you will be treated to guest Jiří Sivok, writer and author of the podcast Černá neděle

The Kinomixer festival starts

Kinomixer 2024 starts today in the cinema BIO | OKO and you can enjoy the great zombie comedy Generation Zombie by the creative trio RKSS today, which will start the entire show at 7 p.m. It is followed by a block of short films from Vecery iShorts from 21:00.

For all arrivals who arrive today in their corpse costume, there is a welcome beer waiting at the bar🍺 and you can also participate in the competition for valuable prizes with your costume🎁.

We look forward to you!


Arrival at the opening of KINOMIXER 26.1. in your smoldering costume and have your photo taken on the spot. We will post photos of zombies on FB, where the 3 corpses with the most likes will win valuable prizes, which we will gradually reveal to you.

Ticket pre-sale started

It is now possible to buy tickets for all Kinomixér films. You can, for example, online in the program overview or at Bio Oko box office. It always opens 30 minutes before the first cinema screening. A movie ticket costs CZK 160. Students and seniors for 140 CZK.

Kinomixer films announced

At the end of January, you can look forward to 5 screenings of films of various genres. There will be Czech premieres, award-winning festival films and even the winner of this year’s 10th Future Gate festival in the BEST FILM category.

We Are Zombies, Directors François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell

Short films by iShorts, Directors various

Mars Express, Director Jérémie Périn

Robot Dreams, Director Pablo Berger

When Evil Lurks, Director Demián Rugna

Advance ticket sales will start in a few days.

KINOMIXER: Bio Oko 26.-28.1.2024


Prague| Bio Oko 26. – 28. January 2024

Experience the cinematic magic of the second year of the KINOMIXER genre films festival. In Prague’s Bio Oko cinema, exciting horrors, charming fantasy and stunning science fiction await you on January 26-28. KINOMIXER guarantees a captivating cinematic odyssey that will open your mind.

Movies will be announced soon.

We are very grateful to the Prague 7 district for the financial support of the event.

Future Gate Sci-fi Film Festival 2024 will take place in September and October 2024.

We wish you Merry Christmass and Happy New Year

Thank you to all Future Gate fans, viewers and partners for your support this year. And we are looking forward to more joint not only film experiences in 2024. Already at the end of January, we are preparing for you the second year of the horror, sci-fi and fantasy KINOMIXER film show, and in the fall the 11th Future Gate Sci-fi Film Festival.

KINOMIXER horrors, sci-fi, fantasy (26. – 28. 1. 2024)
DUNA: PART TWO (February)

FUTURE GATE SCI-FI FILM FESTIVAL 2024 (September – October)


The French film directed by Nicolas Giraud THE ASTRONAUTE won the Audience Award with a clear overview. Those in Prague and Brno evaluated 6 competition films. The audience graded like in school, 1 best / 5 worst. Hearty congratulations to the winning film! Resulting order and average rating:

The Astronaute 1,14

Mars Express 1,59

Divinity 2,04

White Plastic Sky 2,10

Something in the Dirt 2,12

The Pod Generation 2,42


On Monday evening, the jury of this year’s festival announced the 3 best student science fiction films and awarded a prize in the feature film competition. The main award for Best Film went to the French film Mars Express, directed by Jérémie Périn. In the student film competition, the jury awarded 2 second places: The Fourth Room and Metro. The winner in this category was the film Beyond the Border directed by Dominik Zbořil.

The members of the jury were actress Jana Plodková, director and dramaturg Lucia Kajánková and journalist and writer Leoš Kyša.


This French film offers not only interesting animation but, above all, a superlatively good story about whether it is only humans who have the right to “life” and free will. In a world where androids exist alongside humans, a seemingly simple detective story unfolds, but one that asks the viewer many (topical) ethical questions with ambiguous answers without losing its edge. Entertaining and clever at the same time until the rather unexpected ending.


A film with the ambition to tell a great story without fear of imperfection and the ability to be unafraid of humor and exaggeration as well as drama and pathos. The effort to use visual effects at a high level should also be appreciated. Authors with a bigger budget and a more sophisticated script will definitely be able to move Czech genre cinema to the next level.


The atmospheric miniature relies on a distinctive and sophisticated camera component, which can transform the well-known Prague subway in raw black and white into a mysterious sci-fi space.


A short story with an intimate plot that is not afraid to show the cruelty of those who believe they are creating a big story while destroying small stories. Good work with atmosphere and tension, as well as gradation of quality points.


The 10th edition of the Future Gate Sci-fi Film Festival begins today in Prague. You can look forward to more than three dozen films, foreign guests led by the legend Michael Ironside, exhibitions and other accompanying programs. Check out the festival program here, tickets on sale for 140 CZK.

We look forward to you.

Astronaut director Nicolas Giraud arrives at Future Gate

We are very happy that the French actor, director and screenwriter Nicolas Giraud has also accepted the invitation to the festival, who will present his film The Astronaut in Prague at Future Gate. As an actor, he played roles in, for example, the blockbuster 96 Hours, the romantic drama What the Day Owes to the Night, or the drama Letters from the Frontline. Astronaut is the second feature film. His short film Weaknesses was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival 2009. 👩‍🚀You can look forward to a Q&A after the screening of the film, which we will present in the competition section, on 9/28. Tickets on sale at cinema ticket offices or online.


The 10th jubilee of the festival deserves a proper celebration. On the national holiday on 28th September, we will meet at 4 PM together with the numerous cosplay community at the Never Enough bar/shop on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square. You can snap a pic with your favourite hero or villain, and whoever comes in costume gets a free welcome drink. After 5 PM, the cosplay parade will head to Lucerna where a graphic novel by Matyáš Namaj will be premiered at 6 PM and a sci-fi pub quiz will be held at 7 PM. At 10 PM, DJ Soda will tickle your eardrums with something nice for both dancing and chilling. Come and enjoy a cosmic celebration of Future Gate.


The fact that STARSHIP TROOPERS and SCANNERS will be shown at the festival is not just a coincidence! After the screenings you will also have a Q&A with the protagonist of both films… It is our great honor to introduce you to the chief guest of the 10th annual festival, legendary actor Michael Ironside! At the festival, he will accept the award for contribution to the science fiction genre and answer your questions both in Prague and Brno! We look forward to you!

Drawci battle

Prague 27.9. 16:00 Passage Lucerna, free admission

Raw Art Wrestling – RAW analogue – is an original exhibition in the middle of the Lucerna passage where artists will paint live in front of passers-by and visitors. 6 illustrators, canvases with a time limit of 120 minutes. The paint will be splashing, so make sure you come. The resulting works will then be up for auction in a special sale. The themes will, of course, be cinematic and mainly sci-fi!

Prague Film Orchestra

Prague 24.9. 20:00 Cinema Lucerna, tickets

This year the Prague Film Orchestra will play its traditional concert with sci-fi film scores at the beginning of the festival. We can look forward to some true gems: two compelling pieces from the film Metropolis, melodies from the mysterious horror Poltergeist, immortalised by composer Jerry Goldsmith, and themes from Star Wars, Star Trek and Superman, which are guaranteed never to disappoint. Andrew Lloyd Weber’s hit musicals, The Phantom of the Opera and Jesus Christ Superstar, are joined this time by a third we all love – The Lion King. Don’t miss this one.




The puzzle with the festival program and film annotations is already available. You can download it now in PDF here, or you can pick it up in print at festival cinemas soon. Take a look at what awaits you. And that there is a lot of it this year.

Program published, pre-sale in Prague and Brno launched

The 10th anniversary festival film program is outstanding. Expect dozens of films in 20 film programs in 5 thematic sections. In addition, movie tickets are already on sale in Prague and Brno. Are you looking forward? We very much 🙂

And in addition to films, we are preparing even more accompanying programs than in previous years. This year is going to be big! 10*

Future Gate warm up: STAR WARS VI.

Can’t wait for the festival and love Star Wars? So we have prepared a bloated warm up for you. This year Future Gate celebrates 🔟 years and VI. Star Wars episode 4⃣0⃣! Come to the Kasárny Karlín summer cinema to enjoy a spectacular evening of the cult saga. You can expect a themed pub quiz, a meeting with cosplayers from The Rebel Legion — Lion Base and the Czech Garrison 501st Legion, a film screening in the open air (in case of bad weather, a dry option is provided) and an after party with a musical program. Tickets only 100 CZK on sale at GoOut. We recommend getting your tickets in time, it will be full 🙂

Future Gate festival revealed the final graphics

This year’s jubilee 10th year got the final graphic and it worked damn well. For the third time, world-successful artist Tomáš Müller, known for his weakness for sci-fi and pinballs, took charge of the visuals 🙂 Tomáš famously edited this year’s theme of the festival is space colonization.

Matěj Brnický from the MiniMax studio imprinted the final form of the visual.

We’ll soon start declassifying the films and other programming of the 10th Future Gate Sci-fi Film Festival. This year is going to be spectacular!


film competition | genre legends I documentaries | student film competition | foreign guests | exhibitions | workshops | talks | parties

Dear sci-fi fans,

This year, we will celebrate the 10th-anniversary edition of the Future Gate Sci-Fi Film Festival, which will take you on a grand guided tour across the galaxy! Once again, a rich film and accompanying programme, international and domestic guests and much more await you. We’ll gradually reveal the full programme, so keep an eye on our website and social media so you don’t miss any updates.

The whole Future Gate team is looking forward to seeing you!

P.s.: Do not forget the towels.

🚀 Prague 26. 9. – 2. 10. 2023
Brno 3. – 8. 10. 2023
Pilsen 11. – 12. 10. 2023
Šumperk 13. – 14. 10. 2023
Hradec Králové 20. – 21. 10. 2023

Raffle and special drinks in Oko

Friday’s opening night of Kinomixér will be worth it. In addition to the Mad Heidi film and a block of short films from iShorts, you can look forward to a special (and funny) Swiss raffle. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the cinema box office on the opening day and will be drawn after the screening of Mad Heidi in the cafe.

You can also try festival drinks in the Café. Great bartenders and barmaids will mix Bloody Heidi 💪 and Blood of a Captured Unicorn 🦄.

We look forward to you.


Sandro Klopfstein

Prague Bio Oko 17.2. 18:30 | on-line interview

Before the Prague screening of the film Mad Heidi, there will be a short online interview with Sandro. Together with Johannes Hartmann, they made their first feature film Mad Heidi. The film was very positively received by fans of genre films. This is evidenced by a number of awards from foreign film festivals, mainly awarded by the audience themselves. Sandro was born in 1981 in Bern, Switzerland. Since 2007 director of various music videos and commercials as well as collaboration on various short films, feature films and commercial productions in various positions. 2010 Cofounder of Decoy Films.

Q&A with William Higo

Director of THE GROUP

Prague Bio Oko 18.2. 18:30 | on-line Q&A

After the Prague screening of the film THE GROUP, there will be an online interview with the film’s director, William Higo. This is the first feature film by this English filmmaker, whose work the audience could appreciate in the story film World of Death (2016). The world premiere of the film THE GROUP took place at the prestigious FrightFest festival. The screenings in Prague and Brno are among the first in the world. The interview with the director will take place only in English.

The start of Heidi in Brno has been moved to 8:30 p.m

For operational reasons, we had to postpone the start of the screening of the film MADHEIDI at the ART cinema in Brno on February 20 from 8:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. We apologize for any possible complications. Tickets already purchased remain valid.



🔪 Prague| Bio Oko 17. – 19.2.2023

💀 Brno | Kino Art 20. – 22.2.2023

Future Gate opens its doors to other film genres. The all-new Kinomixer film showcase consists of horror, fantasy and, of course, science fiction. Get ready for a proper cinematic ride that may even make your head explode with delight.

The best of genre films made in recent years await you. You can look forward to a bloody Swiss fairy tale about a maiden who can take on more than a cow’s udder; an apocalyptic battle between unicorns and teddy bears; or a nightmare filled with terrifying spectres about motherhood; and much more.

🛸 Future Gate Sci-fi Film Festival 2023 will take place in September and October.


This year Future Gate will be celebrating its 10th anniversary! We gave ourselves a stylish spot for the anniversary. 🪰🛸 How do you like it? 😊

👏 Big thanks to everyone who participated in the production of the spot: illustrator NovaArt, director and animation Marko Veselinović, animator Kamila Burianová, sound tuned by Barbora Hovorková, production of the spot was handled by Anna Švehelková and last but not least, the authors of the spot Františka Blažková and Filip Schauer.


14.12. Kino Oko | Šumperk | preview screening in 3D  tickets

15.12. Bio Oko | Prague | premiere in 2D  tickets

15.12. Kino Art | Brno | premiere in 2D  tickets

Thirteen years ago, we first visited the fantastic world of the planet Pandora. We met the Na’vi race living in harmony with the wonderful nature. The film Avatar attracted millions of viewers to cinemas and revealed the beauty of pioneering 3D technology. Now in 2022, James Cameron gives us the opportunity to visit this planet again and explore its water world as well.

AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER is one of the most anticipated films of this year, and the FUTURE GATE SCI-FI FILM FESTIVAL cannot miss it. In 3 festival cities, Future Gate will prepare a special evening for all fans of Avatar and the science fiction genre. In addition to the film, you can look forward to themed decorations and, in Šumperk and Prague, even a small gift!


Do androids dream of electronic sheep? You will find out on 10.12.2022 in the reopened Fun Arena Prague. A themed evening for fans of Ridley Scott’s legendary sci-fi film. A stylish celebration of the 40th anniversary of one of the most iconic films of all time: Blade Runner (1982). Look forward to a futuristic themed environment in the backdrop of a cyberpunk tower block in the center of Prague.

17:00 – 23:00 Thematic accompanying program and attractions.
18:00 Screening of the film Blade Runner (1982, The Final Cut)

Entrance fees
CZK 350 until November 30
CZK 450 from December 1 to 9
550 CZK on the spot


Winners of student competitions

The jury also awarded the 3 best student films. We are glad that the production of sci-fi films is popular among film school students and we want to continue to support young filmmakers. Many thanks to the partners of the student sci-fi film competition. From IS Produkce the winners received vouchers for post-production work and from the company Canon camera or printer.

Student Film Competition

  1. 🥇 Malý orel (dir. Adam Kůs) 
  2. 🥈 Error (dir. Lucie Vostárková)
  3. 🥉 Izolace (dir. Patrik Polák)

Junk Head – the winning film of the festival

The international jury of the festival yesterday announced the best film of this year’s Future Gate festival in Cinema Lucerna, Prague. Jana Bébarová, Ondřej Neff and Ryan Keating chose the best film from 5 competition films JUNK HEAD by Takahide Hori.

We are very pleased to award Junk Head as the winner of this year’s festival. It was an easy decision and one we all agreed on. Although all of the films brought something different to the table, Junk Head is a highly original, entertaining and thought-provoking film, not to mention a masterful exercise in stop-motion animation. Our special congratulations to the multi-talented Takahide Hori.

The film can still be seen at the festival on Thursday, March 17. in the Brno cinema Art.

The African-American film NEPTUNE FROST, directed by Anisia Uzeyman and Saul Williams, received special honorable mention from the jury.


This year’s Future Gate is again online. We have selected some films from this year for you and you can watch them online. Whether you don’t have time to come to the cinema or you are far from one of the festival cities, you now have the opportunity to watch movies online at the SupremeXP video library for a full week.


Tiong Bahru Social Club Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest The Prophet and the Space Aliens


  • In the period from 14.3. to 20.3. you can watch movies at any time.
  • The price of the view costs CZK 80.
  • All films are available in their original version with Czech and English subtitles.
  • Please note that some movies have a limited total number of views, so you better buy a movie in advance.


The exhibition in the Lucerna passage is accessible free addmission

Date of the exhibition: March 3-14, 2022

The Graphic Design and Visual Communication Studio at Umprum in Prague has redesigned the Ikaria XB1 magazine, the oldest Czech sci-fi magazine. For the summer semester 2021, the studio management approached the editor-in-chief Vlado Ríša who provided data from last year’s November issue, from which the students were tasked to create a new design, without any restrictions. Five teams were assembled to completely design and typeset five working mock-ups using illustrations from their own sources or from collaboration with the Illustration Studio.

Admission free for all Ukrainian citizens

A huge wave of solidarity has risen in connection with the events in Ukraine and we would also like to contribute. Therefore, we would like to invite our Ukrainian friends to join us and take their mind off things for at least a moment. Admission will be free to any screening in all festival cities with a Ukrainian passport or other ID. In addition, the entire proceeds from the sale of this year’s official festival T-shirts with Jonáš Ledecký’s design will be sent to the Člověk v tísni organization, which helps directly on the Ukrainian border. Make sci-fi, not war!

У зв’язку з тим, що відбувається в Україні, піднялася величезна хвиля солідарності, і ми теж хочемо зробити свій внесок. Тому ми запрошуємо українських друзів принаймні на деякий час відволіктись. Вхід за українським паспортом чи іншим посвідченням особи буде безкоштовним протягом усього фестивалю в усіх містах.Крім того, частку отриману з продажу футболок з мотивом Йонаше Ледецького надішлемо організації Людина в біді, що безпосередньо допомагають постраждалим на українському кордоні. Робіть sci-fi, не війну!

Aliens in Lucerna

The third joint exhibition of Michal Suchánek and Jonáš Ledecký at the Future Gate festival! This year’s exhibition features comics with extraterrestrial themes. Michal Suchánek will present an excerpt from his legendary comic Děsivé radosti, which he adapted from short stories by Ondřej Neff.

At the festival, you also have the unique opportunity to see the complete comic series by Jonáš Ledecký and John Riley, Pussycat Assassins, which was periodically published in the Playboy magazine between 2018 and 2020.

The exhibition will be in the Lucerna passage from March 1 to March 14, 2022.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday 11.3. from 18:00.