We Are Zombies

Imagine a world where zombies don’t crave our brains but simply coexist with us in a society that sees them as second-class citizens. And so the undead do the jobs that others frown upon, they are easy targets for evil exploitative corporations, and the brightest of them are constantly fighting for the civil rights of their kind. Canadian creative trio RKSS’, who are behind such films as Turbo Kid and Summer of 84, come up with a quirky new horror comedy. It’s not short of fresh ideas, subtle social commentary, a lethal load of jokes, and a great soundtrack that will be lodged in your head for days after the screening.

iShorts: Short Genre Films

This year’s selection from iShorts, in line with Kinomixer’s spirit, focuses on the genre of science fiction, horror and fantasy, including their imaginative fusions. We focused primarily on European titles and their thematic and formal diversity. For example, we will be transported to dark forests full of mysterious spells and to a dystopian underground, in which a community of those chosen to survive the apocalypse is being formed. The selected short films prove the unmistakable creative potential of young European creators. Come and discover it with us in the dark of cinema! www.iShorts.eu

THE EMBRACE (Hungary, Brasil)
Director: Gabriel Motta | Producers: Gabriel Motta, Linda Pfeiffer, Ferenc Pusztai, György Pálos | Star: Raul Ionescu, Athina Papadimitriu, Zsolt Trill | Year: 2022 | Length: 18 min | Live action

In the Hungarian wilderness, a father tries to reconnect with his son on a hunt. Unawarely, their intrusion disturbs the balance of the forest, and awakens its female spirit.

Director: Daniel Holzberg | Producer: Joseph Zedelmaier | Star: Sebastian Griegel, Laura Jessat, Ercan Karacayli | Year: 2023 | Length: 27 min | Live action

A former child star from a popular sci-fi blockbuster tries to redefine himself twenty years later. But paparazzi, hate comments and his controlling mother won’t let him forget a childhood in the spotlight.

BRUME (Germany)
Director: Maureen Payne-Hahner | Producers: Annemette Andersen, Christoph Hahner, Maureen Payne-Hahner, William Pennell, Anders Wøldike Schmith | Star: Tammi Øst, Jarreth J. Merz, Annemette Andersen | Year: 2022 | Length: 25 min | Live action

What could climate change look like if Mother Nature were to simply give up and fall into a deep, dormant state?

RED CAP F30.2 (Czech Republic)
Directors: Jakub Vrbík, Matěj Sláma | Producer: FAMU | Star: Miroslav Hořínek, Petr Koblovský, Anita Krausová, Dušan sitek, Natalie Golovchenko, Jiří Racek | Year: 2020 | Length: 14 min | Live action

The near future, a burned-out fellowship of has-beens and one man who dreams of an ordinary tedious life… Or maybe an unfulfilled red cap, who dreams of a life in a world filled with action. Fantasies and the fish melt into one.

In original language with Czech and English subtitles.

When Evil Lurks

When two brothers find a mutilated corpse on their property, they have no idea they are dealing with something far worse than a deranged killer on the loose. Their hometown and everyone they care about are threatened by an all-encompassing evil quietly and stealthily preparing to enter the world and take it over. Argentinian film When Evil Lurks may remind seasoned horror fans of the cult hit It Follows or last year’s surprise Smile. Director Demián Rugna combines an intimate narrative with extreme brutality that bends the unwritten rules of the genre and can shake up even seasoned viewers in certain scenes.

Robot Dreams

No one wants to be alone in the world; especially not one handy-dandy Manhattan dog, so he builds himself a robot friend. The pooch and the robot become an inseparable duo and together, they enjoy a hot 80s summer with all the trimmings. However, their bond is broken by an unexpected accident, which forces the dog to leave the robot one day. Based on the graphic novel by Sara Varon, this animated film tells a touching story about loneliness, the power of friendship, and learning to move on in life – and to do so in the complete absence of words. Yet (or perhaps because of this) it is brimming with authentic emotions that most of us can relate to – not least because in recent years, we have all had to learn to approach interpersonal relationships quite differently than we used to.

Mars Express

Stubborn private investigator Aline has a problem not only with alcohol: together with her android partner Carlos, she sets out to find a young hacker named June. But Aline and Carlos aren’t the only ones interested in the girl on the run. Director Jérémie Perin’s film is inspired by classics such as RoboCop and Ghost in the Shell. This suspenseful sci-fi noir, full of unexpected twists and turns, has an action-packed pace but is not afraid to reflect on serious and topical existential themes such as the colonisation of space or the slowly dying planet Earth. An impressive peek into contemporary French animation, which is still a major force in cinema.