This year’s Future Gate is far from over. We have selected the most interesting films from this year for you and you can watch them online. Whether you haven’t had time to come to the cinema or some of the festival cities have been far away, you now have the opportunity to watch movies online in the SupremeXP video library.

Festival programme online

21.10. Lapsis 22.10. Sky Sharks 23.10. The Rise of Synthwave 24.10. ndergods 25.10. In the Shadows 26.10. Oeconomia 

How does it work?

  • 1 movie will be available every day.
  • You can run it in 24 hours, from morning (00:01) to night (23:59).
  • The price of the view costs CZK 80.
  • All films are on offer in the original version, with a choice of Czech or English subtitles.
  • Please note that some movies have a limited total number of views, so you better buy a movie in advance.