14.12. Kino Oko | Šumperk | preview screening in 3D  tickets

15.12. Bio Oko | Prague | premiere in 2D  tickets

15.12. Kino Art | Brno | premiere in 2D  tickets

Thirteen years ago, we first visited the fantastic world of the planet Pandora. We met the Na’vi race living in harmony with the wonderful nature. The film Avatar attracted millions of viewers to cinemas and revealed the beauty of pioneering 3D technology. Now in 2022, James Cameron gives us the opportunity to visit this planet again and explore its water world as well.

AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER is one of the most anticipated films of this year, and the FUTURE GATE SCI-FI FILM FESTIVAL cannot miss it. In 3 festival cities, Future Gate will prepare a special evening for all fans of Avatar and the science fiction genre. In addition to the film, you can look forward to themed decorations and, in Šumperk and Prague, even a small gift!