Long live the warriors!

Today there will be a spectacular preview of the expected film DUNA: PART TWO!

What awaits you today:

– 18:00 – 20:30 There will be Microsoft Flight Simulator – Dune Expansion in the Lucerna passage, where you will sit in the “cockpit” of the famous ornithopter, and the Future Gate stand will be opened in the cafe with the best goods in the galaxy.

– 18:30 Registration for the pub quiz for valuable prizes in the Lucerna cafe, come on time, capacity is limited.

– 19:00 Start of the pub quiz.

– 20:15 We open the entrance to the big and small hall and the first 30 of you will receive a movie poster.

– 20:30 We fly to the planet Arrakis.

Since it’s a long flight and Arrakis is an arid planet, a themed gift awaits you when you leave the hall – water!

We look forward to you!