terry rawlingsKnown British film editor and sound editor Terry Rawlings will be a guest of the festival. He will open the festival in Prague and personally introduce one of his best films: Alien3 and Blade Runner.

Terry Rawlings (1933), whose full name is Terence John Rawlings, has worked on dozens of successful films. Among the most famous are the Alien (1979), Chariots of Fire (1981), for which he was nominated for an Oscar, Blade Runner (1982), Alien3 (1992) and  Golden Eye (1995). He has collaborated with such directors as Ridley Scott, Martin Campbell, Hugh Hudson, David Fincher or Joel Schumacher.

Originally, sound editor, whose versatility has recognized Ridley Scott and ask him to cut his first studio film. The Alien became a cult saga and their joint work continued on the films Blade Runner and Legend. When director David Fincher start the shooting of the third sequel of the Alien, he logically invited Terry Rawlings into his team, and upon completion he had for his work a frief tribute “Best editors are alchemists. They make pieces go together that should never work. I was very fortunate on my first movie to work with Terry. “During his career Terry was 5 times nominated for the British Academy of Film and Television and one Oscar. Last year he was awarded a BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mark Watney achieved it!

On Wednesday 30 September took place in cinema Bio special preview of THE MARTIAN. Spectators not only saw great movie but also gain some new experience. In cinema’s foyer was created Mars landscape with hab and support to grow potatoes. Every spectator got from our lovely Martians present: “KPZ” (survival package) with necessary staff for surviving on inhospitable planet. Thank you all for coming, the screening was again sold out.

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FUTURE GATE invites you to a special preview of the very expected film THE MARTIAN, starring Matt Damon, which will take place on Wednesday 30 September at 23.00 in the cinema Bio Oko. Director Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner) brings spectators the story of an astronaut who with wit and inexhaustible sense of humor struggle on barren Red Planet for survival and return to Earth. The film adaptation with a stellar cast (except for Matt Damon, for example, Jessica Chestain Sean Bean) is based on worldwide successful novel by Andy Weir (2011). Tickets to the preview with thematic decorations, Martians in the cinema and competition are in sale now for 150 CZK, can be bought at the box office cinema Bio Oko, or on-line here.

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what a lovely day

Mad Max is coming tonight to cinema BIO | OKO. You can look forward to special postapocalyptic decorations, thematic welcome drink, small present for everybody in costume from Junktown and a chance to win a ticket to their postapo open-air festival in summer or maybe the Max´s t-shirt. After the show postapo party will be launch in bar. Don´t think about it too long, the show will be sold out! Tickets here.

Next Future Night is coming, with Mad Max

On 14th of May will be the premiere of the new Mad Max in Czech cinemas. Future Gate Sci-fi Film Festival together with cinema Bio Oko, Junktown Festival and Psy-cho´s Nest will bring you the very special screening of this remake cult movie. This Thrusday in cinema Bio Oko from 20.30: there will be post-apocalypt decorations, thematic welcome drink, small present for everybody in costume and after the show postapo party.

You can buy ticket for 150 CZK on-line here or at the cinema´s Bio Oko box office. Don´t wait, the show can be sold out.

The winner is…

Khull, the Destroyer of Galaxies drew the winner of the competition for the scooter from Yedoo.And the winner is … tramtatadadaaa … Kateřina Kadlecová from Prague. We thanks everyone for participating in the contest, on Monday will hopefully bring you some photos of scooters with the winner. Do not worry if you do not won and come to celebrate with us 17/4 evening in Cinema Café Lucerna successful festival. After the add screening of EX MACHINA there will be a party with DJ Soda.

Mission complete, Galaxy saved! Thanks to all!


FUTURE PARTIES IN Brno: 26.3. & 28.3.

During the festival in Brno you can enjoy 2 parties. First one will begin after the screening of THE HISTORY OF FUTURE FOLK on 26.3. In cinema foyer you could dance on DJ Fuzzy with his “50´s 60´s 70´s 80´s space & future sounds”.

On Saturday 28.3. after movie THE ZERO THEOREM will come from Prague DJ SODA, member of dj crew Pure Rhythm celebrating this year 15 years of collaboration. The winner of dj contest Summer festival Svojšice 2014. Member of breakbeat and drum and bass crew Other Reason. Resident of Pure Rhytm Session parties. That´s DJ SODA, who will be your guide on intergalactic musical expedition …

Both parties will be hold in cinema Art foyer.