Dear viewers,
We apologize for inconvenience with English subtitles at Saturday’s screening of the film Fantastic Planet. English subtitles were not adapted to another, foreign film version. For this reason we announce that screening of the film Fantastic Planet in Brno on 28.3. will be only in Czech language without English subtitles . Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ex Machina – sold out?

At the moment the EX MACHINA is sold out. But that is not the end! 30 minutes before the screening unclaimed reservations will be sold to new candidates.. We recomend you to come at least 45 minutes before the screening and you will have a chance to buy your ticket.


Before or after the show have a look in our small sci-fi shop placed in foyer of the cinema. For reasonable proces you can buy new DVD and Blu-Ray films, special editions, comics from our partner Comics Point or festival badges.

Festival starts tonight

Dear Science Fiction Lovers,

The festival starts tonight! Please buy your ticket in advance. On ALIENS and EX MACHINA leaves just couple of tickets. Also other movies can be sold out.

Below you can watch festival trailer:

Join us, Save the Galaxy!

win a scooter

On festival you can win a great scooter from our partner Yedoo. Only you need to leave your ticket after the show with your name and email address in a special box placed just next to the Future Gate. After the festival there will be drawing. More tickets more chance to win!

Festival Festival acreditations on sale

Festival acreditations are now on sale. Just 10pc in the Bio Oko box office. For 700 CZK you will received acreditation, free entry to great space exposition THE GATEWAY TO SPACE and your choice of omnibus from our partner Comics point.

Your galaxy needs you!

Believe it or not, but we’re not making Future Gate only out of love for sci-fi movies.
We are trying to save mankind! We were contacted by Khull, the Destroyer of Galaxies through a future gate not long time ago. Khull is a commander of alien invasion fleet that conquered many galaxies already. Eventually his gaze fell upon us.

Luckily Khull loves on Earth made sci-fi culture so he decided to give us a chance. If mankind creates enough good sci-fi movies, he will spare us along with the whole galaxy. Our mission is to promote sci-fi film culture so that as many movies as possible are created in the future. That means we had to organize film festival named after the gate Khull used to contact us – Future Gate.

Join us, save the Galaxy!


The festival program is now published

After the very successful first year, the sci-fi film festival Future Gate is approaching the next reunion with the alien civilization and future technology. The festival is drawing faithful fans and the occasional ones to watch legendary and newly released movies from the popular sci-fi genre.

This year you have for sure something to look forward to. We will introduce a total of nine interesting movies. The festival will be launched by a great comedy THE HISTORY OF FUTURE FOLK, awarded at many international film festivals. Friday evening will be in a sign of ALIENS (1986). We will project the rare director´s version of this legendary saga. On Saturday night you can enjoy the latest movie by Terry Gilliam’s THE ZERO THEOREM. Sunday will belong to robotics and Antonio Banderas in his new movie AUTOMATA.

This one and only show of sci-fi movies will be accompanied by themed decorations, fans in costumes of their popular sci-fi heroes and unique accompanying events.

We prepare the second annual festival of sci-fi films Future Gate

In Prague the festival will take place from 12-15 March 2015 again in the cinema Bio Oko. Then the festival will move to Brno Kino Art, 26-29 March 2015. You can again look forward to interesting technical installations, very special decoration, fans in costumes of your favorite sci-fi heroes, inspiring events and especially interesting movies. We bring you some new movies that you have not seen on Czech cinema screens. Films that have won awards at film festivals around the world, even those that are not well known, but have their quality. We will present the popular legends of the genre as well. You have to look forward to!

Prague / Bio Oko / 12-15 March 2015
Brno / Art Kino / 26-29 March 2015

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